How to make a haircut like Lelly from the series "Deffchenki"?

how to make a hairstyle like a loli
Heroes on the blue screens seem to us the mostbeautiful, most charming and interesting. But the creation of such an image takes a lot of time, which not everyone has and not all are ready to spend it. But still some "similarities" can be borrowed from the stars of the screen. Here, for example, many are interested in how to make a haircut like that of Lelly.

Who is Lelya?

In the series, she plays the role of a typical blonde fromanecdotes - Lelya knows everything about cosmetics, fashion brands and sales, attracts men and does not detain them for too long. But as for mental faculties, a misfortune arose here, for Lelya may not even know the most elementary things known to every schoolboy. However, this does not bother her at all, because her friends come to help in difficult questions that require reflection. Well, she, in turn, helps her friends to put in order their appearance and relationships with the guys. The role of Leli is performed by Polina Maksimova, who captivated viewers and viewers with her appearance. In the same community, the fans became interested in her hair, and in particular how to make a haircut like that of Lelly. Well, it's not a secret.

The main envy of female fans

hairstyle like a loli photo
The answer to the question about how to make a haircut like thatLeli, it will be unnecessary and meaningless if you do this hair on unkempt hair, because the styling in this case will not look so spectacular. Polina Maksimova says that she devotes a lot of time and energy to her hair, and the result, you will agree, justifies the expectations. On the advice of Pauline, you need to do warm hair mask at least once a week, and after washing your hair rinse your hair with water with wine or apple cider vinegar and herbal decoctions. In the morning and in the evening massage the scalp and comb it with a wooden comb. If you perform all these procedures, Lely's hairdo from the series "Deffchonki" will be on your head. In addition, you heal your hair, improve their appearance and they will be grateful for that, believe me.

How to make a hairstyle like that of Lelly?

But back to the hair. It is not difficult to make it. To begin the procedure, store some necessary things. This is a special hair foam, hair dryer, hair spray, large curlers and a circular massage comb.

First, wash your head or just wet They should not be slightly moist, but wet during the procedure. Lubricate the hair with foam (it should be selected depending on the type of your hair), then wind them on the large curlers. After "cheating", dry the hair with a hairdryer, then very carefully, so as not to spoil the result, untwist curlers and sprinkle hair with hairspray. To achieve the maximum effect, just gently divide the curls and arrange them on the shoulders - if you get a high-quality varnish, then the hair will last till the evening.

hairstyle from a series of deffchenki
Here, in principle, and all simple and prettyfast procedure. It will take very little time, and your head will be adorned with a light and charming hairstyle. And to have a clear example of what you should get - here's a haircut like Lelly (photo a little higher) - compare!

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