Actual hairstyles: haircut on medium hair with bangs

According to stylists, in the coming season, haircutsmedium length are not going to give up their positions. But the most relevant, in all likelihood, will be a haircut on medium hair with a bang. Usually, haircuts are made on the basis of an elongated cascade, a haircut of a bean and a square. Such hairstyles are popular for many reasons. First, they are universal, and suitable for women of any age. Secondly, a haircut on medium hair with a bangs will suit a woman of any complexion. While too short or long hair is not always adorned by tall and lean women, as well as short girls of dense physique.

And, at last, a hairstyle on average hair with a bang allows make emphasis on the face. With the help of such a hairstyle, it's easy to visually correct some shortcomings. To do this, you just need to choose the right haircut for your type of face. So, let's listen to the advice of specialists.

Oval face

Hairdressers claim that women with ovalthe shape of the face is suitable for almost any haircut. If you are a happy owner of the oval contour of the face, in the new season you can safely experiment with medium-length haircuts. The actual trend of the summer season will be a haircut on medium hair with a straight bang. However, for an oval face and a bang any approaches.

Rectangular face

Girls with a heavy chin, broad forehead anda high line of hair growth, it is desirable to choose a haircut that will visually soften the contour of the face. Stylists advise to stop the choice on the hairstyle, which masks the forehead. The haircut on medium hair with bangs, for example, an asymmetrical cascade or graduated square, will perfectly cope with this task.

Pear-shaped face

Owners of a narrow forehead and broad jawexperts advise choosing a hairstyle, visually expanding the upper part of the face. For this purpose, the haircut of a bob with a bang, graded at the top, is the best. You can perform the same haircut with a torn bang, she will also visually expand her face at the top.

Square shape

In the event that the wide jaw is combined withwide forehead, you can soften the face contour graded along the entire length of the cascade or asymmetric square. The bangs should be short and not too thick.

Long haircuts with bangs

The owners of luxurious long curls are in a hurryreassure: long hair is still in fashion. However, this year, stylists advise to pay attention to fashionable haircuts for long hair with bangs. Moreover, the bangs in the new season can be of any length and shape, the main thing, as with the medium-length haircuts, is to choose it successfully to face and hair type.

Fashionable last year, long haircuts with a smoothstraight bangs to the eyebrows, will again be relevant. A straight fringe attracts attention to the face and allows you to make its features more distinct. A somewhat enlivened image will help and graded haircut with a bang on long hair. With the help of a cascade, you can give your hair a desired volume, and a thick even bang allows you to focus on the eyes. Owners of the square contour of the face should prefer a stylish oblique bangs, but to hide too high a forehead will allow a long bang.

And, of course, the absolute hit of the season promiseto become fashionable now haircuts without filing. And these original haircuts today perform on both long hair and medium length. The new technique is that strands of different length are cut at a right angle, instead of the traditional oblique. Strands of bangs, in this case, are also unevenly sheared. Well, those who do not dare to so bold experiments, experts advise just cut the bangs. It will perfectly revitalize the hair and make it relevant.

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