How to make a hairstyle with a bandage?

All the famous Greek motifs were reflectedtoday and on women's styling, becoming another trend of fashion. Now, bandages and tapes have become very popular and popular accessories for hair. Many women of fashion are interested in how to make a hairstyle with a bandage to make it look beautiful and elegant, but at the same time it kept well.

How to make a hairstyle with a bandage
It should be noted that the types of this accessory areseveral. These are kerchiefs, wide and narrow bandages, hoops, necklaces, rims and chains. The decision can be made in favor of any of the options (it all depends on your taste and the image that you plan to create).

Greek goddess

How to make a Greek hairstyle with a bandage? After all, the classical image of the Greek goddess is very fashionable today. And the execution of the installation in the Greek style is not too complicated process, so it can be done relatively quickly and easily. To begin with, you just need to collect the hair. Hoops or bandages are dressed on top of the hair, and the ends of the hair are wrapped beneath them. In addition, you can release several strands, making the image more natural and sexy. Thin braided bandages can be decorated with small stones or rhinestones, and if the stones are large and massive, your image will become somewhat eastern.

Retro Today

Also become popular styling in styleretro. To understand how to do a hairstyle with a bandage in this style, it's enough to watch a couple of films of the appropriate time. Wide ribbons were worn on straight hair, trimmed under the square, or simply fluffy. At the same time, they were more on the forehead, and it was customary to decorate them with bows, brooches or feathers.

Hairstyles with a headband

Headbands and coats

If there is a desire to make some kind of hairstylewith a bandage on the head of the sixties, then you should make a haircut and put your hair in such a way that the ascent starts from the bangs. On such a styling, thin ribbons or bandages will look elegant. It should be noted: if the hair is hard to put in the hair, then with this kind of nap and loose hair will look great and organic.

How to make a hairstyle with a bandage to create a puppet image?

A popular option for wearing bandages (and at the same timetime is the simplest) is a hairstyle in the form of an ordinary high tail, to which is added a beautiful hoop or bandage. What and how you will decorate your style depends on you. You can use a decorated ribbon with a bow, brooch, rhinestones or other trim, but a rubber band for the tail is better to use the most unpretentious and ordinary.

How to make a Greek hairstyle with a bandage
If the bandage or rim is not particularlytrim and do not look too impressive, then you better pin to the tail some more decoration. It can be the same bow, brooch, barrette, ribbon, etc. The bandage itself is put on the bang line. And instead of the tail, you can make a braid (straight or side). In this case, you need to tie up your hair from above and below.

To summarize, it is worth noting that indo a hairstyle with a bandage, do not necessarily stick to one or another advice. After all, any styling is another way to find your individual image. So experiment and find something new for yourself. The main thing is that it's beautiful and in harmony with your general appearance and inner state!

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