Hairstyles for the New Year - no longer a problem

New Year is a holiday that everyone is waiting withlook, so, this night you should look perfect. The fabulous atmosphere of this holiday will embellish everything around, and you will be able to transform a charming hairstyle. After all, a woman should always look beautiful, and therefore, it is worthwhile to approach responsibility for choosing a hairstyle for the New Year.

Hairstyles for short hair

If you do not know what haircut to make onNew Year, do not despair. Perhaps you are a lucky possessor of short hair, then make yourself a haircut on the following recommendation. No matter which haircut you yourself recently made, in the hairstyle will be greeted with even lines with separated pasterns and smooth curves. You can twist the ends of the hair to give them bulk, and you - sexuality. Lovers of all unusual and extravagant can use ultra-short hairstyles.

Hairstyles for the New Year for medium length hair

The most current hairdress this year will beparting hair "in the center" with their fastening with the help of various pins and accessories. Choosing a hairstyle for yourself, you will look very romantic on New Year's Eve, because in this way your face will be open, visually appear a little thinner than usual.

When you have a desire and a lottime to create a hairstyle, you can try another way of laying: make a parting in the center of the head, then a little brush your hair on the crown and fix your hair with a varnish. With a simple hair band, make a tail, in this case it will complement your image - this is the easiest and fastest way to become beautiful and feminine. In addition, the tail is incredibly practical. This hairstyle can be done for any reason. There are also many different kinds of tails: it can be low - on the back of the head, or high - on the crown.

In this season, smooth tails will be relevant. To make this hairstyle right, you need:

1) Comb your hair.

2) Then fix them with a rubber band.

3) Take one strand and wrap it around the entire base of the tail with simple, smooth movements of the hand. Lock the lock with a trim or a decorative flower.

Hairstyles for the new year can be done not only inhairdresser or beauty salon, choose something simple and classic. Curls, tufts, or simple tails will do just fine. Of course, the hair should be immaculately manicured. A New Year's appearance and festivity hair will give various decorations. For this, you can take any shiny accessories: rims, ribbons, beautiful hairpins with rhinestones, artificial and vibrant flowers.

Hairstyles for the New Year for long hair.

The most popular among the hairstylesenjoys the style of "retro": "Babette" or "Hollywood waves" - the most in demand. Elegant hair looks with any kind of braid. If you decide to braid a French scythe, try to release a few strands of it, let them romantically surround your head, making an air hairstyle. Proudly accept compliments and rapturous looks. Your New Year's hair will make this holiday unforgettable for you and delight your loved ones.

The combination of a braid with woven bundles of hair isalso very beautiful and unusual. Bunches of hair braided like a shell, star or flower will be an unsurpassed addition to the chic French spit. They can be fastened with the help of pegs or other devices that will not only strengthen the structure, but also serve as an additional element of your decoration.

Whichever hair you choose, remember: you are the most beautiful and irresistible on this holiday, regardless of the length and color of your hair. Hairstyle can be done not only in beauty salons and expensive hairdressing salons. Create something of your own, unique and unlike other hairstyles. This New Year's Eve is yours, experiment and surprise!

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