Tattoo "Aries" - the choice of purposeful and persevering

Tattoos were considered popular at all times. Previously, tattoos were applied to indicate belonging to any tribe, gender, or tattoos were used as a confirmation of the passage of a particular rite.

Today, drawing is done for the purposes ofbody decoration, and this procedure is very popular not only among young people, but also among the adult generation. Some still attach special importance to their tattoo, drawing a picture that symbolizes a person, period in life or a certain event. Others just paint a beautiful drawing that has nothing to do with anything.

Popular Tattoos

One of the most popular is the tattoo "Aries". Similar drawings are made by individuals with a strong andpurposeful character, they tend to emphasize their perseverance and inflexibility. Tattoo with the image of Aries is done not only by men, but also by women.

Variations of the tattoo "Aries"

You can find a variety of images of Aries, everyone chooses the most suitable for themselves:

  • Black-and-white or color images.
  • Permanent and temporary tattoo.
  • The image of the symbol "V" with twisted ends in the form of horns.
  • Real drawing of the lamb entirely, its head or horns.
  • The ram is a cartoon or comic image.
  • In profile and full face.
  • Small tattoos on a small patch of skin.
  • A composite pattern on several parts of the body.
  • With the addition of other elements.

The meaning of the tattoo "Aries"

Aries is the first sign in the zodiacal cycle, therefore it is associated with something new, with awakening, in the spring.

tattoo aries

Ancient Celts considered Aries a symbol of militancy.

Tattoo "Aries" in countries with Islamic faithis associated with religion, since the ram symbolizes sacrifice in the Holy Scripture. Nevertheless, Islam forbids tattoos with animals, because there is an opinion that in this case a person becomes like Allah, competing with him.

In ancient Egypt and Greece, the supreme Gods were Amon-Ra and Zeus, the image of Aries was associated with them. It was believed that people who have tattooed "Aries", seek to command, to be the main ones.

In countries with Hinduism, Aries is considered a sign of divine protection, therefore such tattoos are applied as a talisman.

Differences of tattoos "Aries" for girls and guys

Tattoo "Aries" for girls is a sign of youth andbeauty, also serves as a charm for women's charms, since the lamb is the symbol of the goddess Aphrodite. Therefore, drawing a tattoo with the image of this sign is a good choice for the fair sex.

tattoo aries for girls

Basically, girls choose softer and quiet tattoos, for example the color image of Aries with roses, beautifully curled graceful horns.

Men tend to choose aggressivetattoos. Basically it's a black and white performance, Aries in fire, turtles or jump. As a rule, men prefer tattoos of large sizes on the back, arms, legs.

Choosing a Tattoo

If you decide to make a tattoo with Aries, thenyou need to understand that it carries a great energy force. This drawing can give its owner new qualities, for example, purposefulness, stubbornness, in some cases aggression and sexual energy.

tattoo aries sketches

Correctly selected pattern and applied to the desired area of ​​the body can balance the assertive character of Aries.

If you have excessive temper tantrums, then do not put Aries together with the symbolism, which carries negative emotions - blood, skulls, weapons.

Choosing tattoo "Aries", sketches should be well studied, because the tattoo remains on the skin until it is removed by the laser or applied on top of a new image.

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