Evening hairstyles for medium hair

The average length is considered to be about the shoulders plus - minus a few centimeters. Most solemn hairstyles differ in intricacy and complexity. And if in everyday hairstyle the main convenience and simplicity, then evening hairstyles to medium hair should be unusual and attract views.

Hairstyles cascade

It is this length of hair that are idealbase for effective and stylish cascading haircuts. In addition, it is an excellent solution for fine hair. Evening hairstyles for medium hair are created with the help of curling iron, hair curlers and hair dryer, which give strands of various lengths extra volume. Adding to uneven strands of melioration gives a guaranteed chic hair.

Mowing with a ladder

This haircut is distinguished by a smoother transition fromone length to the other. It is this haircut that women who choose to cut their long hair for the first time choose. Evening hairstyles for medium hair with this type of haircut allow you to open the front part, while smoothly rounding the hair behind.

Laying "Night Fairy"

This styling looks great on hair withcascading haircut. Hair at the same time is divided by a classical smooth parting. The hair is lightly beaten and laid one part over the other. Crowned a magnificent tail hair, an elongated bang while retracted into the hair. This option is ideal for going to the theater, visiting social receptions and receptions.

Stacking "Coquette"

These evening hairstyles for medium hair performwith oblique parting. The ends of the curls to give a more romantic twist up. Hair order simulates the bezel and divides the bangs with the rest of the hair. These styles are equally suitable for brunettes, and blondes that have not too thick

Evening hairstyles of medium hair in retro style

Fashion is now turned to the 30th year, sogirls choosing a retro style will not fail. Elegant simplicity gives the look a special charm that exerts a much greater effect on those around than the most intricate haircut.
Evening hairstyle for medium hair in retro style is often decorated with hairpins with
rhinestones. To create it, the lateral strands are wound on curlers or forceps up to
most roots, and the remaining hair to the back of the neck. Then ringlets raise and
randomly fix. To create a more free image, near the face
produce several curls.

Smooth hair

Today, glamorous hairstyles are very popular.smooth hair, covered with gel. The hair combed back is collected in a low bunch and decorated with hairpins with stones, studs with large pearls or silk flowers.
Such hairstyles, however, do not fit girls withlarge features and chubby ladies. Hair can also be laid with light waves, after having treated them with special serum. Professional remedies give the hair a satin shine. Hair can be laid in waves using electric locks and curlers of wide diameter.

French beam

This evening styling, performed in a strictelegant look, will never go out of fashion. This hairstyle is also called "shell", creating it will not take long, but it will make it possible to look worthy at any celebration. This style creates a feeling of simplicity and naturalness, without distracting attention from its owner. The hair gathered on the back of the head in a low tail is collected in a stiff shell, while the tips should look up. Hairstyle is decorated with hairpins, decorated with beads, pearls or silk flowers. A beautiful shell is obtained by using a chignon.

Asymmetric haircuts

For lovers of thrills and non-standardapproach to their appearance stylists in this season recommend asymmetrical haircuts. Evening hairstyles on their basis are extravagant and attract everyone's attention.

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