How to make a seashell hairstyle yourself

To create a harmonious and spectacular imagesometimes it is necessary that the hairstyle was not just beautiful, but elegant and elegant. To achieve such a result, you can visit a stylist or a hairdresser, but not always this time, strength and, what's to hide, a financial opportunity. If necessary, you can independently build a luxurious styling. How to make a hairstyle of a shell at home so that it does not differ from a salon variant? It's simple! A little patience, and you will succeed.

How to make a seashell haircut. Materials

How to Make a Seashell Hairstyle
To create this laying you will need to cleanwashed and dried using a means to make the hair volume. Also need to be invisible, preferably in hair color, hairpins and any decorative decoration. It can be a flower or a beautiful hairpin, hairpins with Swarovski crystals or pearls .... It all depends on the purpose for which you are planning such a hairstyle and what kind of event are going to visit. If this is a business meeting, then in this case, jewelry is unlikely to be needed. But for a romantic dinner, a walk or a trip to the theater may well come in handy. It is worth noting that to create this hair style hair should be either medium length or long. For short hair, the shell is only possible with the use of lining and artificial strands. It looks very nice to hairstyle for long hair. The shell needs some skill, so do not experiment just before you leave. It is better to practice in advance, and then you will be completely sure of the result!

How to Make a Seashell Hairstyle

Prepared hair gently comb on one side. Pre-leave

Hairstyle seashell how to draw
loose a few strands near the forehead. They will be needed for further processing. Having combed hair to one side, carefully fix them with invisible ones, slightly shifting from the back of the head. They will become the place of attachment of the shell itself. Begin to twist the hair into a tourniquet, gradually fixing them with hairpins. Make sure that the studs are attached to the invisible. This will give the hairstyle extra stability and strength. The last coils will form in such a way that the ends of the hair are inside. Carefully fasten the styling using studs. Separate loose strands into two parts and decorate the side of the shell. You can slightly lower them on the ears or simulate a thin strand, which additionally beautifies the hair. Decorating decorative elements with a ready hairstyle, we get a romantic or evening version. How to make a cockleshell? It's simple enough, you need to practice a little, and it will work out!

Hairstyle for long hair shell
Similar hairstyles

In order to create a similar styling,it is enough to clearly imagine how it should look. There will be a bunch or a French braid, laid in a knot, a Greek tail or a coiffure of a shell. How to make a beautiful and elegant hairstyle and not spend extra money to visit the salon, to look always elegant and not to think about how to make time for a trip to the hairdresser? You just need to learn how to do the styling yourself, which will be effective and relevant!

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