Stylish hairstyles for medium hair with a fleece

Among the solemn women's folds specialpopular hairstyles for medium hair with fleece. This hairdresser's reception has long won popularity among women of all ages. If you need to give your hair a special volume and chic, then this method can not be avoided. We will consider new stylish voluminous hairstyles with fleece and learn how to make it on curls. In addition, tips on how you can do it yourself on your own hair, will be useful to all novice home hairdressers.

Which are the most popular hairstyles on medium hair with a fleece?

Among the most popular options are the following:

  • Начес, executed on the vertex. Many girls slightly lift their hair on the crown and crown to give them a large density and airiness. Use this element very often in everyday hairstyles.
    hairstyles for medium hair with fleece
  • Lush piling with rim provides a greatVariety to perform a hairstyle on medium hair. With a fleece, the bezel looks just great. The style of the 1960s is now considered a fashion trend. Also, the style of "princess" with a combed forehead bangs and strands along the face does not do without giving a fluffy hair.
    hairstyle curls with a fleece photo
  • Stylish back hair. This hair style is very suitable for formal receptions and solemn occasions.
    voluminous hairstyles with a fleece
  • Elegant shell is one of the most loved specieshairstyles for medium hair with fleece. Carefully combed hair is easy to form and model. So the lack of own volume of hair is compensated. This form is an excellent basis for a wedding and solemn hairstyle.
  • Volumetric styling with bangs. Not only the top of the head is brushed, but also the bangs.
    hairstyle with bangs with bangs
  • Hairstyle "curls with fleece." A photo of this variant shows that it is very beautiful to arrange curled hair. To do this, you first need to wind the strands on the curling iron or in any other way. After that, you have to work with each individual lock: take a twisted strand by the tip and with the other hand gently begin to pull the hair towards the head. This operation is reminiscent of hair loss, because the curl becomes voluminous and slightly confused. Repeat this action with all the other curls. Then spread your hair and carefully cover your hair with varnish.
    curls with fleece
  • Other variants of hairstyle for medium hair with fleece: the lateral, executed in a hairdress with a tail and others.

Rules for the performance of the fleece

  • It can be done on the whole mass of hair or only in some places planned in the hair. Often use a radical method of combing to lift thin hair on the crown.
  • Naschesyvat need thin and small strands - then the volume will be more high-quality.
  • Strands should be kept strictly upright, the comb must move smoothly in circular motions from the top downwards so that when stripping the strand is slightly tilted forward.
  • It is inadmissible to sleep with the brushed hair - this can damage them.
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