How to use the slider design for nails?

Manicure is a must for everya woman who wants to look well-groomed from head to foot. On what only tricks do not let out representatives of the fair sex, so that the nails had a neat and original look, suitable at the same time to different outfits. To achieve this effect, you can make a modest classic manicure that fits into any image, or constantly repaint your nails in different colors, wasting time and nerves. If you are not satisfied with either, you can try this novelty in the field of nail art, as a slider design for nails.

What is it?

making slider design for nails

Slider design (from the English. slider - "slip", "slip") - this is a special sticker for manicure. The design of the slider design for nails is mainly hand-made. This approach to the development stipulates the high quality of this kind of nail-decor and its natural appearance - the drawing is so well executed that it is not always possible to distinguish it from the one painted in the usual way, that is, using a varnish.

Slider design by virtue of its manyfeatures will be interesting not only to young girls who love refined and ornate images on nails, but also to women of the age who prefer a modest manicure.


It is a mistake to believe that the slider design for nails- it's just some sort of stickers that are placed on top of the main cover. There are a few more kinds of this decor, there are only three:

  1. Dense stickers.
  2. Full nail coloring.
  3. Transparent stickers.

Each species has its own peculiarities and differences. Let us consider them in more detail.

Heavy Stickers

Figures of this species are dense, often with saturatedflowers. They can be placed on nails of completely different shades: these labels will look equally good both on a laconic jacket and on monophonic coatings.

how to use slider design

Pictures can both contrast with the general background,and unobtrusively complement it. There are a lot of options, so before using labels it is recommended to spend a little time and estimate a few different compositions.

Full nail coloring

slider design for nails instruction

This option completely imitates toninga nail plate. And the sticker can be as one color, and with a picture. Before using a slider design of this type, try on the paper on the nail and cut out a suitable size fragment. If it is slightly more or less than the plate, it does not matter: the excess after gluing can be gently trimmed, and the resulting gaps - zadekorirovat.

After the "pattern" is ready, the base is applied to the nail, then the slide cover itself is glued. The result is fixed with a clear varnish. Wait until completely dry, and the manicure is ready!

Transparent stickers

Transparent paper for slider-nail design withthe pattern is especially suitable for any light coating. Such stickers can be safely placed even on an unpainted nail. This type of slide design is the richest in pictures, logos and ornaments.

slider design for nails

What nails can I use for slider design?

Not all womenhave strong and smooth nails from nature. In this regard, various ways of increasing nail plates have been developed to give them a neat appearance. It is known that such coverings are rather capricious with respect to extraneous decor, however the slider design in this respect is universal - it is suitable for almost all types of artificial nails:

- Slider design for gel-lacquer. First the nail is covered with a base. After it dries, a plate is glued to the plate. The final stage is the covering of the nail with gel. Nothing complicated, but the effect is maximum.

slider design for gel varnish

- Slider design on acrylic nails. In this variant, unlike the gel, the layers change places: in the first place there is acrylic, then, without waiting for drying, the slider is glued. Only after this, the nails are placed to dry under the lamp. When they dry properly, the top layer of acrylic is applied from above. This method is quite complicated, because with any careless movement, acrylic can dissolve the pattern on the slider, so it should be very, very accurate.

If you are not a regular customermasters on the extension, you can make a slider design on natural nails. The plate is degreased, varnished or covered with a transparent base. After completely drying, the slider is glued to the varnish. Then everything is fixed.

Necessary tools and materials

To perform a slider design for nails, you will need the following:

- stickers themselves;

- paper napkins;

- water tank;

- spatula for the nails;

- nail scissors;

- basic and fixing varnishes;

- the main tone;

- nail polish remover;

- wadded disks.

Slider design for nails: instruction

As a rule, each pack of labels is attachedapplication guide. However, it also happens that it is absent. So that it does not take you by surprise, it's good to know some general rules for using sliders:

  1. Cut out the necessary slider fragment from the general sheet.
  2. Keep the resulting sticker in water for no more than thirty seconds.
  3. Blot slider with a lint-free napkin.
  4. Slide the adhesive backing off the paper.
  5. Gently place the picture on the pre-prepared nail.
  6. Press the sticker in the center, and then flatten the edges.
  7. Wait a few minutes to allow residual moisture to evaporate.
  8. Cover the nail with the finishing coat of the fixer.
    paper for the nail design slider

If you use full nail stainingplates with the help of slider-design, persistent manicure for a couple of weeks you are guaranteed. In other cases, the result depends entirely on the quality of the varnish used.


There are several small secrets and recommendations that will help you avoid some possible troubles during the coating procedure:

- Prepare all the necessary tools and materials in advance, so that you do not have to look for boxes and bags without drying up the manicure.

- Warm water helps the stickers to flake off the substrate faster.

- Carefully level the pattern.

- With a glued-on slider, in no caseit is not recommended to move it. Leave everything as it is - flaws are easier to disguise with other decor (other stickers, pastes, varnish, glitters). If the error is too obvious, start the entire procedure again.

- Select a sufficient amount of time for a manicure, which will allow you to take your time and not be nervous.

- Experiment with the location of the sliders on the nail.

- After the procedure, do not wash your hands for at least thirty minutes.

Manufacturers of stickers

Today, the slider design for nails isa lot of masters and studios on nail art. The raw material required for the labels is quite affordable, as is the seal. There are several firms that have largely proven themselves as manufacturers of quality products for nail design. As a rule, these are American and Korean brands, but recently Russian nail art companies also keep pace with them in quality. In the same price, the products of domestic producers are much more attractive than foreign ones.

slider design milv for nails

So, the slider-design MILV for nails is one of thethe most famous products from the firm of the same name. MILV is located in St. Petersburg, but at the same time has its own online store, the delivery of goods from which is carried out around the world.

Another company - Salon Professional - offers products for masters of nail art. Despite this, stickers-sliders, presented on their website, can be purchased by anyone.

IRISK Professional also sells stickers and decorative films. The product of this trademark can be found on a variety of exhibitions and most of the masters of manicure.

Pros of slider design

Slider design for nails has a lot of advantages over conventional manicure:

- with his help nails are decorated in a few minutes;

- can be used for all types of nails;

- easily applied to the surface and evenly distributed over it;

- effectively decorate the nails can any woman without training;

- stickers are practically the same as hand-painted;

- the nail plate does not deteriorate and does not turn yellow with time;

- Different types of slider-design can be used for the same, and for completely different manicures;

- collections of sliders are rich to indecency (particularly fastidious women can even order images to your taste, right up to printing photos);

- allows you to significantly save time;

- The slider design does not make the nails heavier and does not make them bumpy;

- inspires experiments;

- each version of the manicure will be the only one of its kind, invented by you personally.

Despite such a huge number of undoubtedmerits, slider-design for nails, reviews about which are positive coloring, has one minus. It consists that sometimes among an extensive assortment it is impossible to stop the choice on any one collection. However, this problem can be solved - just buy everything that I liked!

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