Fake nails

Many women like to brag about their own hands -the way they are beautiful, well-groomed, pleasant to look at and touch ... but not everyone is happy with the nails donated by nature. That shape is not too beautiful, then the structure is not very, and sometimes in general - the marigolds are frayed, broken, covered with white spots. What in such cases do women who want to look at all "100"? The way out of the situation, which gives so many unpleasant moments, is quite simple and is accessible to anyone who wants - false nails. Their assortment is very diverse: false nails french, with a pattern, ordinary, colored ... With their help you can not only rip off the shortcomings of your nails, but also adjust their length and shape. How can I make false nails? How exactly are they applied to the nail plates? About all this and much more, read on ...

What should I know about false nails?

When choosing false nails, as a rule, preference is given to plastic - milk or transparent color. They are good for their repeated use, since they do not bend or break.

False nails are easy to find in specializeddepartments of any cosmetic shop. They are sold in sets of several pieces, with each artificial nail exactly repeating the shape of the natural. In addition, there is a special glue in the kits that reliably fixes the nail of the nail plate on the nail plate, and instructions for their application and removal.

As a rule, the price of false nails fromauthoritative producer ranges from 200-300 rubles for a set of 24 plates and a tube of glue. Classic nails are much cheaper - from 30 to 50 rubles for a set of 40 plates.

How to paste false nails?

Artificial nails are very simple in theiruse, but you need to adhere to some rules in their operation. First, make a steamer bath, then use either a cuticle remover or a light moisturizing oil. Then you need to process the nails with a nail file.

Before finally fixingartificial plates need to make sure that each of them in size corresponds to the natural nail. If there are any discrepancies - they can easily be corrected with the help of a nail file (by the way, the same can be attributed to the shape of an artificial nail).

Firms are manufacturers who care aboutcustomers, necessarily indicate on the packaging information on how to paste false nails. The adhesive, which is in the package, should be spread evenly and thinly over the inside of the artificial nail, which, in turn, should be attached to the natural one. For convenience, you can use a stick from the orange tree. It only takes a few seconds for the glue to solidify, so do not press the artificial nail for a long time to the plate. When using classic nails, the procedure, as a rule, ends with the application of a colored varnish and a fixative. It should be remembered one thing - the means to care for false nails should not contain acetone, since it has a very negative effect on the condition of artificial plates.

And, finally, a few important rules for the care of false nails:

  • The length of the artificial nail, as a rule, is determined even before it is glued to the nail plate;
  • If after the use of false nails on the skin there was irritation, the conclusion is one - with artificial nails it is better not to experiment;
  • The use of false nails is also prohibited if there are various infections on natural nails;
  • If it is necessary to use detergents on a chemical basis, rubber gloves should be worn to protect their marigolds.
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