Cosmetics "Bioderma Sebium"

In 1978, in the city of Lyon (France), she began herwork research laboratory Bioderma. It was created for the manufacture of ointment and cream bases for various medications. After a while, the laboratory began to produce its own preparations. The scientific approach to the development of cosmetics, the experience gained over the years, allowed the company quite quickly

bioderma sebium
to win the trust of specialists in the field of medical cosmetology and the respect of buyers in many countries of the world.

It should be noted that the company Bioderma is nothad to participate in "wars" with competitors - she immediately firmly occupied its own niche in the cosmetic market. The laboratory achieved success by introducing the latest developments and achievements of medicine in solving the main skin problems. In sixty-five countries in the world, therapeutic cosmetics "Bioderma" are on sale in pharmacies. Reviews about it are always enthusiastic, which indicates that the company is moving in the right direction.

The range of products manufactured by the cosmetic industryfirm Bioderma, is huge. It includes funds aimed at treating virtually all known skin problems. These drugs are designed for all age categories of buyers. Since they are not only cosmetic, they should be used according to the doctor's prescription.

According to the company's experts, the line of preparations "Bioderma Seium" - creams, gels and lotions for the care of problem, oily skin,

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which is predisposed to acne. Let's get acquainted with this line of medical cosmetics more.

Acne rash is the most common problem of oily and combination skin. Cosmetics "Bioderma Seium" is aimed at effective care of such skin and treatment acne disease.

"Bioderma Sebium H20" is a solution for removingmake-up or cleansing of oily or mixed skin with a predisposition to acne. Can be used in the treatment of skin. Cleans well, stabilizes the amount of subcutaneous fat.

"Bioderma Sebium Hydra Cream" - soothing andmoisturizer. Recommended for problematic skin, predisposed to acne, irritated or dehydrated, after dermatological treatment. Suitable for all skin types. Helps get rid of

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desquamation caused by dehydration. Favorably affects the reddened and irritated skin. The DAF complex makes it more resistant to negative environmental influences.

Matirujushchy a voice-frequency cream "Bioderma Sebium"surely will interest many. It gives the skin a natural shade and successfully removes greasy shine. After applying the "Bioderma" foundation, the skin remains soft and matte for 12 hours.

As you know, the skin does not like aggressiveeffects on it of ultraviolet rays. In summer, talk about protection is most relevant. Therefore, it is worth saying a few words about the new line "Bioderma Photoderm". Many sunscreens protect only the surface layer of the skin.

In contrast to them, the "Photoderm"Provide additional protection at deeper levels. The composition of these drugs include the most valuable components - mannitol and ectoin. Mannitol - sugar, derived from fructose, an antioxidant that has a curative effect on skin cells injured by ultraviolet radiation. Ectoin protects it from ultraviolet radiation and thermal shock.

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