Palette of hair colors "Estelle" will satisfy any woman

By myself I know how important for a woman is the color of herringlets, regardless of age. Many times I have been interested in looking at my braid braided in French, not only because of its length, but also because of the brilliance that the professional hair color "Estelle" gives to the hair.

palette of hair colors for estel
The condition of our hair depends on whichmeans for dyeing we chose. The palette of hair colors "Estelle" includes 140 shades. Considering the fact that the rainbow consists of 7 colors, for one type of product such an assortment is quite sufficient (this is if you really hold back your admiration, giving a characteristic of the paint "Estelle"). It is pleasant to mention that this is a product of domestic production, developed and manufactured by specialists in the field of cosmetology in the city of St. Petersburg. Palette of hair colors "Estelle" easily copes with the task of changing the image of the fair sex. The fact is that choosing a color from the presented palette is not so difficult: looked and - ah! - liked. And to get the result that you want, in fact it is not quite easy. Why? The reason is not always in the brand and the quality of the paint. Much depends (and to a greater extent!) On our curls - their type and structure. The wide palette of hair colors "Estelle" helps, which, like a map, helps to orientate unerringly in the ocean of different colors and shades. I've been looking for my color for a long time, but only for one reason: it was not on sale, because the paint was supplied to us by "abroad". Today's market is just a klondike, a "golden vein" of ounces of paint, in the flow of which there is also a hair dye "Estelle" (the photo is presented below). Take any and be the best! But it is more important to choose your own shade, to take into account the color-type appearance for harmony.

hair dye aestel photo
How it was

An acute desire to change the color of hair appearedwomen in very old times. Then nothing was known about artificial dyes. It hurt the Greek to get a light hair color, whereas the Germans did not have to make any effort to do this. The technology for the preparation of paint was then very distinct: for decolorization, liquor was used, to give a light shade - a mixture of yellow flowers, goat fat and beech ash. The Englishwomen insisted on rum on the bitter gourd, the Germans simply washed their head with their famous beer (the blessing that it was of different colors). For a long time all known henna, which is a mixture of dry bark and leaves of Lavonia, especially popular in Soviet times because of the shortage of imported paints, has been successfully applied now. Henna shades are achieved by adding walnuts, indigo or chamomile.

Professional hair color Estelle
Modern paint is a combination of natural and artificial colors. The palette of hair colors "Estelle" is proof for that.

The secret of the paint "Estelle"

Estelle hair dye

How to achieve this or that shade, perhaps,not such a big secret, but here there are professional secrets. But certainly there is no secret that the paint "Estelle" ("Deluxe") is aimed at weakened and thin hair. It is based on a chromoenergetic complex, a kind of barrier against damage to hair at the time of staining as a special emulsion, which is part of the paint. And at the heart of the complex is a mixture of chestnut extract, chitosan (used in nutrition for athletes), vitamins and trace elements. Our hair just can not resist reacting to such a cocktail! Do not forget: taking care of your beauty, as well as your health, it is better to trust the manufacturers of professional paints, because they provided not only ways to protect our body, but also the ability to mix profkraski, getting more and more new shades yourself.

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