How to braid a spit-waterfall for loose hair

how to braid a scythe waterfall
With the return of the fashion trend to braids constantlythere are new types of weaving. There are so many of them that can be listed for a very long time: scythe-crowns, "dragons", "spikelets", braids "fish tail", airy and openwork pigtails and many others that have not even invented names.

Cascade Effect

A scythe-waterfall is a type of weaving that differs fromthe usual braid is that the hair strands are passed through the weave and create the effect of a cascade. Therefore, in fact, my hair was called a "waterfall". Although the hairstyle is called a "braid", in reality it is a loose hair - just there is a delightful weaving. How to plait the spit-waterfall? Very easy. In particular, if you already know how to make a classic pigtail. To begin to weave a braid, the tips of the hair slightly curl. In a number of cases, this is done after the braids are assembled. For example, when you want your hair to be loose.

Weaving of strands


What do you need and how to braid the spit-waterfall? You will need: hair spray (but not necessarily), a few pieces of invisible hair, a comb or a hair brush. How to braid a waterfall with your own hands? First of all, you need to comb your hair and do oblique parting. Then three thin strands next to the face are intercepted, and weaving braids on a classical pattern begins. It is better to take large strands - as a result weaving will be unusually spectacular. Every strand descending downwards must be freed, leaving them not in a queue. In her place, put the next strand. And thus move around the head. When you reach the ear, and the back of your head is braided, you should decide what kind of hair will be on you. Classic "waterfalls" weave to the end, until the strands do not end. They are attached with a thin rubber band to the color of your hair. The hairstyle looks original and unusual, if you combine the braid with a low beam. If it is decided to make a "waterfall" scythe with a bundle, it is necessary to finish its weaving near the ear. Next, the remaining hair, together with the last strand, is fastened in a low tail. Using the invisibility to fasten the tail, all the falling strands are collected. To make the beam bulky, you need to comb the hair of the tail, as it should. Such is the result of the spit-waterfall, you can see the photo a little higher.

The remaining "studs"

scythe waterfall pictures
For hairstyles, it is necessary that the length of hair reachat least to the chin. It will be better if the haircut is not graded and not cascaded. An impeccable example of how to braid a spit-waterfall, will be an elongated bean or an elongated square. Another advantage of the "waterfall" is that it looks great both on straight and curly hair. Hairstyles that do not need special efforts, never looked so elegant, sexy and cool. The scythe looks carefree, but it is elegant and chic, even with a careless performance. At the end of the oblique, it is possible to sprinkle easily with the fixing varnish the resulting hairdo. Although this is not necessary. Using a suitable hair clip, you can hide the place of attachment of two braids. For short squares, the usual waterfalls are better. Pigtails are great for an evening version of the hairstyle and everyday image.

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