Nail design with acrylic powder: features, interesting ideas and feedback

Now the design of nails is not the lastplace in the image of a modern woman. Increasing popularity began to acquire a coating of acrylic powder, which makes it possible not only to give the nails a healthy and well-groomed appearance, but also to strengthen the nail plate.

Advantages of Acrylic Powder

According to physical properties, acrylic powderis a multi-colored fine powder. As soon as it combines with the monomer, it is immediately made very firm and durable. The design of nails with acrylic powder is not only original, but also practical. This material is successfully used on gel-lacquer, as it does not spread on it. It is also very easy to use, has a porous structure, which allows air to penetrate directly to the nail plate.

Colored acrylic powder for nail designallows not only to create an aesthetic color manicure, but also significantly strengthen it, diversify it with new colors. Thanks to this, it is preferred by a huge number of designers around the world.

Acrylic powder for nail design: how to use

Beginners can be very difficult to work with smallpowder. They need some time and considerable effort to use this new material. Powder requires a good speed of operation, because when exposed to liquid media instantly hardens. But it is with the help of this material that you can create 3D decorative figures on your nails, create real works of art.

nail design with acrylic powder

It should be borne in mind that the design of nails withacrylic powder is not only beautiful and aesthetic. This material has a characteristic unpleasant odor, which can cause considerable inconvenience during work. Therefore, it is necessary to perform all the actions in a well-ventilated room.

Application of acrylic powder

Transparent Acrylic Powder for Nails Designis used not only as an ornamental remedy, but also as a means for increasing the nail plate. When you use it, the nail turns out to be strong and beautiful, similar to the natural one.

Another common use of acrylicPowder is a decorative molding. With certain skills from this material, you can create leaves and flowers. Skills are necessary in order to work quickly and without any hesitation, because acryle dries very quickly and then it becomes impossible to adjust the part. However, the compositions created in this way are truly delicious. They can be used for various celebrations: weddings, anniversaries.

acrylic powder for nail design

Design of nails with acrylic powder on gel-varnishallows you to create the effect of velvet sand. For this, an acrylic powder is applied to the previously applied layer of gel-lacquer. Fine grains of sand are evenly distributed over the surface and instantly harden. It turns out a very gentle, soft and velvety manicure with the effect of "suede", which gives the nails a special charm.

Creating a matt manicure with acrylic powder

The design of nails with acrylic powder can be step by stepperform any more or less experienced master. However, it is possible to do this at home. Also with this material you can create an excellent matte manicure, which is now in the trend. To achieve the desired effect of haze, all stages of application of gel-varnish are carried out first, and then the last layer is powdered. In this case, this procedure is best done directly above the jar of powder.

Design of nails with acrylic powder on gel-varnish

In conclusion, it remains only to dry the nails inA special UV lamp and shake off the remaining grains of sand with a brush. At the same time, there is an interesting point: if you do not want to change the color of the coating, which you want to give the effect of haze, you can use a transparent powder.

The effect of knitted manicure

The design of nails with acrylic powder is very impressivelooks, when it is made in the form of knitted patterns. Volumetric patterns resemble fragments of a warm knitted sweater. In order to create it, you need a gel-varnish with a lamp to dry it, acrylic powder, a hard brush and a special spatula for powder.

The first step is to treat the nail plate,attached a beautiful shape. Then the nail is painted with a double layer of gel-varnish, drying each of them under the lamp. After that, the adhesive layer is removed and again the gel-varnish is drawn patterns. The design of nails with acrylic powder will look in this case voluminous and quite noticeable. Draw best with a fine brush. Dry the lines immediately, so that they do not have time to spread.

design of nails with acrylic powder step by step

After the patterns have been dried, the sticky layernot removed, but directly on it is poured powder. Sprinkle the nail with it is necessary abundantly, all that is superfluous will subsequently be shaken off with a special brush. Then everything goes again under the UV lamp for final drying. Do not cover the patterns with a finishing coat, since in this case all the velvety will be reduced to nothing. However, if you still want to apply the finishing layer, it is better to take a matte finish. It will help your patterns to find a new harmonious appearance.

Application of acrylic powder

Before creating your own nail design withacrylic powder, you need to correctly determine the sequence of actions and operations performed. First of all, the nail plate is treated with an antiseptic. After this, the nail should be degreased and for each chosen its own tip. The surfaces of the plates are thoroughly ground.

The next step will be primer treatment anddrying. Drying lasts just a couple of minutes in the fresh air. Only after carrying out these actions, it is possible to apply a gel base. The plates should be painted starting from the tips and towards the middle. In conclusion, the nail should be sprinkled with powder and placed in a UV lamp for drying. The powder remains just brushing.

Colored acrylic powder for nail design

Apply a gel-varnish in several layers follows in order to give your manicure strength and a delightful look for a long time. In this case, each layer must be dried in a lamp.

Advantages of using acrylic powder

The design of nails with acrylic powder is not onlystylish and beautiful. It allows a long time to keep a fresh and well-groomed appearance. In addition, acrylic very well strengthens the nail platinum, makes it more durable. When using acrylic powder in manicure you can grow pretty strong nails without resorting to artificial build-up.

transparent acrylic powder for nail design

In addition, the composition of the material all the timeis being improved. It already includes vitamin complexes and microelements that nourish the nails. The porous structure allows air to penetrate to the nails. This has a very positive effect on their health and appearance.

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