Solid hair shampoos: application features and reviews

Counters of modern stores offeringcosmetics, are made with all kinds of shower gels, balms, rinses and shampoos. All these products help us look decent. And recently a new novel appeared on sale, which became a solid shampoo for hair. How to use this tool, you will learn by reading this article.

hard hair shampoos

What is this cosmetics?

Solid hair shampoos - this is nothing likea mixture of caring and washing components. Outwardly, they are very similar to the usual bar of toilet soap. They are much more efficient than their liquid analogs in efficiency. This innovative product perfectly cleanses curls and permanently retains their volume. Due to its convenience and economy, it quickly gained popularity among the fair sex.

What is in the composition of a solid shampoo?

Manufacturers add to this tool components such as:

  • soap base;
  • vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • essential oils.

A quality hard shampoo for hair growth is notmust contain perfumes, artificial colors and preservatives. The shelf life of such a facility does not exceed one year. It is often added mineralized salts, seaweed, extracts of medicinal plants and pieces of dried fruit. These components make hair more elastic, and their roots - strong. As natural flavors, various essential oils are often used. Therefore, very often hard shampoos for hair exude the smell of roses, strawberries, orange and so on.

solid shampoo for hair growth

Recommendations for selection

When buying this shampoo should focus on the type of their hair. By analogy with liquid agents, they are divided into several types. Modern manufacturers produce a solid shampoo:

  • for oily hair;
  • for dry hair;
  • for clarified hair;
  • anti-dandruff.

The second, no less important criterion, for whichshould pay attention when buying, is the expiration date. Do not forget that the product, which contains only natural ingredients, can not be stored for longer than 12 months. If the label indicates a longer period, then this shampoo is produced with the addition of artificial preservatives.

Before buying, you should carefully read thecomposition of the selected facility. All substances present in it must have clear and familiar names. Do not get solid shampoos for hair, consisting of many components. It is important that all these substances mutually complement each other.

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How to use these tools?

All without exception, solid hair shampooshave a powerful cleansing effect. It is interesting that in doing so they do not form a large amount of foam. Such remedies easily remove any contaminants. A lush foam cap, typical of normal shampoos, is formed due to the sulfates contained in them. In practice, these chemical blowing agents, creating the illusion of deep cleansing of the curls, often cause irritation to the skin and even hair loss.

To wash your head with a firm shampoo, you needpre-wet your hair properly. After this, you should take a bar in your palm and carefully foaming it by analogy with soap. The resulting foam is applied only to the roots of the hair, and the ends of the long curls are soaped with the help of the bar itself. After a few minutes, the shampoo can be rinsed off the head with a stream of warm running water.

To store a solid, it is recommendeduse a plastic soap box. It can not be left in the water, since the soaked bar is not suitable for further use. Do not store a solid shampoo in a packing carton. The wet agent will constantly stick to the paper.

solid shampoo for oily hair

Can I make a solid shampoo on my own?

Recipes for making similarmeans, are so diverse and accessible that anyone can use them. As a basis for such shampoos, any foaming agent of plant origin can be used. In the process of creation, you can supplement it with crushed fruits, freshly squeezed juices or herbal infusions. At home, you can not only recreate an existing recipe, but also develop your own unique option.

solid shampoo for hair reviews

What will be needed to make the shampoo?

In order to make such natural product for washing hair with your own hand, you must take care of such components as:

  • 40 grams of soap base, which can be used as sodium cocosulphate. You can buy it in specialized beauty shops.
  • Three drops of chamomile and the same amount of nettle extract.
  • Five drops of rosemary essential oil and lemon. If desired, they can be replaced by any others.
  • Five drops of laurel oil.
  • One gram of keratin.
  • A pologram of special cosmetic silicone, better known as phenyltrimethicone.
  • Five grams of rosemary hydrolat.

In addition to all these ingredients, you will need a silicone mold, gloves, electronic scales, a pipette and a container in which the components will be mixed and heated.

Cooking process

In a bowl you need to put 40 grams of premashed cocosulphate. In the same container should be added in stages keratin, chamomile extract, laurel oil, cosmetic silicone, hydrolyzed nettle extracts. In this case, you must carefully follow all proportions. Then the dishes can be sent to a cold water bath. Turning on the fire, you need to mix the compound from time to time, until it becomes homogeneous. After 5-6 minutes from the boiling point of water, you need to remove the container from the plate.

Do not wait until the resulting homogeneous massit will cool. You should immediately put on gloves and carefully stretch it in the palms of your hands. After a few minutes in the hard shampoo should be added essential oils and knead again with his hands.

The finished product is well compacted insilicone form and sent for 20 minutes in the refrigerator. At the end of this time, the bars are removed from the mold and left to dry. After 1-2 days, the shampoo is completely ready for use.

This recipe can be slightly improved,adding it with pieces of fruit, oat flakes or honey. As natural dyes, cocoa powder, beet or carrot juice is perfect.

solid hair shampoo how to use

Main advantages

Solid hair shampoo, reviews about whichsound exceptionally in a positive way, has several undeniable advantages. First of all, people note that it consists of natural components. You can take it with you on the road, not being afraid that it will pour into the bag and ruin the things stacked in it. Those who have already evaluated this shampoo, assure that it is much more profitable and economical than traditional liquid analogues. Such funds are better washed ringlets. Many owners of fatty hair claim that after using a solid shampoo, their hair is kept clean for longer.

Essential Oils and Natural Vegetablescomponents that are present in the composition of such products, perfectly cope with the function of hair and scalp care. The curls washed with this shampoo become well-groomed and shiny. They are not electrified and can easily be combed.

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