Bio hair straightening

The procedure for straightening hair withbiopreparations came to us from the countries of the West, where it has already proved itself as an optimal means of turning curls into shiny even locks. In addition, it provides hair with additional treatment and internal restoration.

Bio hair straightening - the oppositea bio-waxing procedure that allows curly hair from naturally turning into an absolutely smooth. It makes it possible to turn the hair into even ones in one procedure. The result will last for several months. At the same time, you can even dye your hair without fearing that this can adversely affect their condition.

Bio hair straightening does not do hair harm, indifference from the chemical. The procedure allows you to maintain a healthy scalp and hair shafts. Used for this preparation on the basis of minerals and natural amino acids (amino-cysteine ​​complex). The safety of the procedure makes it more preferable than the chemical, in which the hair is exposed to quite harmful substances (thioglycolic acid, alkaline elements and ammonia). At the same time, the effect of both methods of straightening is absolutely the same.

After the procedure, the hair does not need any special care. Hairstyle even without the use of special tools will always remain smooth, without losing a moderate amount.

If you often straighten hair with iron, thenthey can be damaged in a very short time: they will become brittle and dull. Better, in this case, to make bio-rectification, which is much safer.

The procedure takes from two to six hours, independing on the type, length and other features of the hair. On the strand is applied the main reagent, which is washed off after a certain amount of time, and the hair is processed with an iron and they are fixed on them.

After the procedure, the hair becomes smooth andget a healthy shine. But we need to understand that the bio-straightening of the hair can not change their structure, so, growing back, they will start at the roots again. The effect will be like basal chemistry. It looks pretty natural, on the border of straightened and otrosshih hair will not be a sharp transition. If it is necessary for the strands to be smooth at all times, the procedure will need to be repeated periodically (two to three months later), only at the roots. In general, the hairstyle after straightening will look neat and impressive until half a year.

Bio straightening can be combined with lamination, which fixes the effect well.

Due to the special biocompatibilities arising betweencomposition of the drug and hair, the strength of the hair and their resistance to external factors increase. Cysteine ​​is removed from the drug by a smooth complex, which straightens them and straightens them, and a group of alkalis remains, beneficially influencing their structure and state. The structure of keratin as a result of the drug does not change, the hair shaft remains healthy. After straightening, you can not wash your hair for a day, so as not to spoil the effect.

About bio hair straightening reviews can be foundextremely positive. If the procedure is performed in the salon by a good master, then its effect is 100% justified by expectations and persists for a long time, making it easier to install. Time for hair care will drop by 80 percent, because there is no need to use straightening aids, a hair dryer or ironing.

Do straightening is recommended only in the cabin,because the procedure is very time consuming, it is very difficult to do it at home. And although the service is quite expensive, it is better not to save in this matter, so as not to regret the consequences. Be always beautiful!

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