Grooming with hot scissors отзывы и рекомендации

Healthy hair, lush, fluffy, shiny,free wave developing in the wind or perfectly laid in a neat, stylish haircut - the dream of any woman, regardless of age and occupation. But one thing to dream, and another - to have on your head what nature has awarded us. And so, correcting the situation, we begin to grab for hair balms, masks and mashing. In the course go as old grandmother's recipes, and the newest, fashionable means of cosmetology.

But, in addition to the usual ways in the struggle for luxuryhair, there is one more, not so long ago started to be applied in beauty salons and professional hairdressing salons. This - a haircut with hot scissors, but not simple, but curative. And its task is not just to put in order the head, shorten the hair, namely to take care of their beauty, health, to remove the split ends, without spoiling the hair itself, without violating its porous structure. Therefore, cutting with hot scissors reviews provokes only positive ones both for hairdressers and for those ladies who used this technology.

Such an unconventional method of treatment, by the wayspeaking, is suitable not only for women, but for men. After all, under the negative impact of natural factors and stressful situations of everyday life, we are all. And on the wrong diet, an unstable lifestyle, etc. At all hair react equally - become fragile and dim, weak, sekutsja, drop out. When the hair is simply cut, their integrity is broken. A technology of cutting hot scissors involves sealing the cut end; thus, each hair retains its structural integrity.

Everyone who has read or heard about such a method of haircut, of course, is interested in what hot scissors are, how they work, whether they heat up in the manner of a plate.

Of course not! Blades have a tool of ordinary temperature, but it rises only at one point - where contact occurs with the hair. Heating occurs to a certain degree - depending on the type of hair. The master himself programs scissors-apparatus. As a result of the treatment, the nutrients of the hair cover remain, and the hair itself acquires a healthy shine, becomes silky, smooth, the defect of secrecy does not return for a long time.

The technology of shearing requires that beforethe client passed a special computer diagnostics. Thanks to it, the degree of damage, brittle hair is accurately determined and the temperature mode of operation is chosen. It should be remembered that with the primary application of the miracle scissors resorted to thrice, making monthly breaks. Then the procedure is repeated every four months.

Cutting hot scissors, reviews warn,the process is quite long. A conscientious master should give the client at least an hour, and even more - depending on the percentage of healthy and damaged hair.

There are two types of cutting with hot scissors - "flagellar" and "one cut". In the first type of haircut, several stages can be distinguished:

  • diagnosis;
  • "Washer" with the use of shampoo and conditioner in accordance with the type of hair client;
  • drying with pre-packing;
  • Hair gathers in thin prjadki, are twisted in the form of a flagella and are processed by scissors. The procedure lasts longer than the client's hair.

In technology "one cut" the master works withdry hair, without prior washing and styling. Such a haircut with hot scissors, the reviews suggest, is suitable if the client's hair is practically healthy and they only need a small correction.

Another subtlety: The final form of the haircut should be given not by standard tools, but by the same special scissors. For shaping and for giving a fluffy hairstyle along the nape of the neck, ordinary scissors are no longer suitable - they simply cut off the sealed ends, i. E. the entire therapeutic effect will be destroyed. To avoid this, the master must have a special hot razor.

And, at last: Before you sit down in the chair of a hairdresser, you should find out how long he uses this technology, what tools he works with. From the right choice of salon and specialist depends on whether your hair is really helpful, or you just spend money without getting the expected effect. If the first procedure was successful, you should definitely attend the next sessions. Cutting hot scissors, reviews emphasize, only then will the therapeutic effect, if the course is completed completely. However, once you try and see the shifts for the better, you will hardly want to return to normal scissors again.

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