Eclat - perfume for real women

Every woman dreams to become irresistible andfascinating. In this lady will help Eclat - perfume with light notes of lilac and green tea, which are the embodiment of grace and tenderness. They create a feminine and romantic aura, but they allow you to remain fragile, touching, sensitive.

eclat perfume

History of appearance

The brand Lanvin, which represents these spirits,was born in Paris. Zhanna Lanvin first conquered the city with her clothes, then she opened a perfume company where in the laboratory they began to produce sensual fragrances under the guidance of Andre Fraiss. Especially for the daughter of Margarita, the manufacturer produces perfume Eclat d "Arpege." They became a hit in 2003, and then they became world famous .The French bouquet conquered the world with its depth and grace.

Basis of Spirits

For the basis of this perfume was taken bouquet Arpage,which was created back in 1927. Under the guidance of designer Karine Dubreuil, he was updated, invented an original art deco bottle. Famous figures of mother and daughter, stretching to each other, became the logo of the Lanvin brand.

At first it was assumed that it was young,carefree, cute girls, walking easily in life, will be the target audience of the fragrance of Eclat. Spirits, however, liked the female representatives so much that manufacturers began to position their products as a perfume for ladies from 18 to 30 years. But everything depends on taste and individual preferences. The bouquet is suitable for romantic dates, for business meetings, and for everyday use.

perfume eclat d arpege

Scent notes

In the perfume composition, the first to start soundinglight notes of lilac. They are complemented by the smell of lemon leaves. They gradually reduce the sense of smell to the opening on the skin of notes of green tea, peach blossoms, wisteria. This heart of the bouquet enthralls both women and men. At the end, a trail of sweet amber and musk opens. Eclat - perfume, which lasts long on the skin and hair.


About an elegant bottle and a package written a lot. The unique design is immediately remembered and does not allow itself to be forgotten. He - the heir of the bottle in 1927, but not a copy, namely heir. Light purple color personifies purity and tenderness. Figures of mother and daughter are a symbol of parental love, of all the best that is on Earth.

In the upper part there is a clamp with two ringsand an artificial diamond. Packing of light lilac plastic is so recognizable that it is impossible to pass by. Many modern girls and women choose Eclat - perfume, the price of which is not low, but the bottle is enough for a long time, and they are worth it.

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Among the female representatives in the mainenthusiastic reviews of these spirits. Having tried them once, many make an amazing discovery for themselves, and the fragrance becomes a favorite. Men love this bouquet for freshness, unobtrusiveness, for light, light notes. Young girls choose such a smell for romantic dates, as in his halo they present themselves as princesses.

Eclat - perfume with magic notes, transformingordinary woman in a person sensual, exciting and inspiring. They change the world for the better and are a symbol of high style. With them a representative of the weaker sex feels like a queen every hour, every minute.

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