The most popular haircut - short cut

Kare short from year to year tops the lists of the most popular short female haircuts. It involves many options and is unique in that it goes to all women and girls with any type of hair.

square short

Every year stylists of many famous and popularhairdressing brands are creating more and more original and fresh solutions for cutting short cuts, and it would seem that all options have already been created. But no. There are new forms, new ways of packing, and the hairstyle is again relevant and popular.

A short cut is a haircut that is loved andis popular with millions of women all over the world. It is unique in its versatility and convenient in laying. Applying various techniques, you can easily change your image from the fatal temptress to the romantic - feminine beauty.

On perfectly even hair looks greatelegant and strict square, with clear oval or rectangular lines. Straight, shiny and well-groomed hair can make your new image refined. The trendy accent of the season two thousand and thirteenth year is a thick heavy bang, which is made with a blunt cut. Its length can be different - above the eyebrows or covering them.

short bean curry

If you have wavy or curly hair, thena short one will be to your face. But if the hair is straight, but you want to add volume, movement, then you just need to put them with a hair dryer and a round brush. If you absolutely do not have time to do hair repair, then you need a long-term styling or bio-curling.

In 2013, still at the peak of popularitythere is a short cut short without a bang or, on the contrary, with an elongated and slightly slanted bang. This hairstyle looks equally effective and on perfectly straight hair, and slightly curly. Try changing the usual parting, making womanly curls or waves - you can always be different.

A fashionable touch two thousand and thirteenth year -textured short square. Styling such a hairstyle will require the use of special modeling tools. The effect of "light withered" is very popular this year.

square with a short back
The classic bean is still popularis made at the level of the ears, and also the bob is elongated. This is a hairstyle for confident women. Kare with a short back of the head looks particularly well on straight and dense hair. You do not have to spend much time laying.

For gentle and romantic natures, a shortbean-curd or textured bean. The variety of options for this hairstyle provides opportunities for choice. The undoubted favorite of 2013 is Bob-kar with side strands, a little elongated. They can be asymmetric or of the same length. Styling this stylish hairstyle you can according to your preferences, but easy negligence will make it especially stylish.

Laminated cascading haircuts are truly universal- they are suitable for all types of hair and any shape of the face. Hairstyles represent to you a lot of opportunities to change your original image within one day. Do not be afraid to experiment, play with the latest styling techniques. Slightly tousle hair with a texturing gel, you can select or lift some strands, give them different directions.

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