How to dye hair ombre at home

In order to dye your hair,be sure to contact the expensive beauty salons and hairdressers. So fashionable to date, the effect of ombre at home is no worse than that of real professionals. It is enough to observe only a few simple rules. By the way, you will not need any special equipment either. Therefore, everything is simple and accessible to everyone.

Hombres at home

First you need to understand what isgenerally ombre. On red hair you will make it, on chestnut or completely black - it does not matter. Only the degree of clarification and the complexity of the procedure will differ. Ombre is a two-tone staining of strands. It implies darker roots and bright ends of curls. In this case, the border of the transition of one shade to the other should be smooth and washed out. How to achieve this effect yourself?

So, you are interested in painting hair ombre. Photos in fashion magazines and the Internet convinced that this style is a real trend. Let's start by choosing the most suitable shade. In this case it is necessary to adhere to the most natural colors. In fashion, honey, chocolate, wheat and chestnut shades.

You will need the following set for dyeing hair ombre at home:

Ombre on red hair

  • nonmetallic capacity (paint will be diluted in it);
  • a good clarifier (it's better to take the products of a proven firm);
  • food foil from aluminum;
  • Brush for application, and also a hairbrush.

Here, strictly speaking, and the entire list of components that will help you to change literally before our very eyes. Thoroughly dilute the paint in a bowl, put on gloves and proceed to the procedure itself.

Carefully separate one small strand of hair. Scoop a little paint with a brush and apply on curl, starting from its middle. Move towards the tips. It is not necessary to observe a strictly uniform border of staining, since you need to achieve exactly the opposite effect - ombre. At home, this procedure will take a little longer than in the salon. Therefore, in advance, select a free evening for staining.

Once all the necessary strands are painted, they must be carefully wrapped in foil and left for about 25 minutes (it all depends on your natural shade of hair).

Hair coloring ombre photo
Darker curls will lighten longer. The exact time can be found from the table, which is sure to be found in the instructions to the clarifying paint. Once the time is up, the foil should be removed.

Now the main point. This will allow you to get an ombre effect at home. Apply the remaining paint 3-5 centimeters above the level of already lightened hair. Now you need to wait about 10 minutes (no more). You can safely go to the bathroom and wash your hair thoroughly. There was one small touch - the maximum possible lightening of the ends of the strands.

Remains of paint apply to the bottom of the hair (5-7 cm) andWait 10 minutes. Rinse the head thoroughly with water and shampoo again. Apply a special grooming balm for clarified hair. The effect of the ombre is ready. You can do any styling.

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