What do the numbers on the hair dye mean - decoding and features

Most women prefer homehair coloring, as this procedure does not take much time and is available to everyone. Shops are full of variety of shades and brands. But the choice of colors for many is a difficult task, and the numbers on the package are even more confusing. Therefore, buyers mostly rely on the picture from the packaging, which, to note, does not always correspond to reality. So, it will not be superfluous to find out what the numbers on the hair dye mean. This will help in the future to avoid unsuccessful staining.

what are the numbers on the hair dye

So what do the numbers on the hair dye mean?

When choosing a color, each woman follows her ownrules. One customer focuses on the brand, its popularity, the other on the price, and the third on the design of the package. But choosing a shade, all women without exception look at the photo, which is located on the package and read the name of the color. Few of the customers at the same time looking at the numbers that are printed next to the name of the shade. But it is they who decipher the composition of color.

That's what the numbers on the hair dye package mean:

  • The first indicates the depth of the main color and is usually in the range from 1 to 10.
  • The second is the basic tone, it is immediately after the fraction or point.
  • The third means which additional shade is part of the paint, but it may not be.

hair color garnier that means the numbers

If the symbols on the package look like two orone digit, this indicates a purity of tone. In this paint there are no additional shades. Please note that depending on the brand, the value of the colors may vary. Thus, the shades of "Estelle" may differ from the hair color "Garnier". What the numbers mean in this case, tell a special palette.

The table will help you figure out what numbers of figures in hair dyes mean.


Value of the first digit

Value of the 2nd digit

Value of the 3rd digit


Main color


Additional shade



A number of natural shades



the black




Very dark chestnut

Green component, comes in matte shades



Dark chestnut

yellow-orange coloring pigment, golden hues




reddish tint, red row of flowers



Light chestnut

red-violet pigment, mahogany shades



Dark blond

blue-violet component, lilac ebb



Light brown

reddish brown pigment, natural shades



Light Brown




Close to blonde light fair




Blond, sometimes it can be 11, 12 platinum blond



Other color designations

Some paint manufacturers indicate the color not in numbers, but in letters. The meaning for them is as follows:

  • C - ashy;
  • PL - platinum;
  • A - clarification;
  • N is a natural shade;
  • E - beige;
  • M - matt;
  • W - brown;
  • R is red;
  • G - gold;
  • K - copper;
  • I - intensive;
  • F, V - purple.

How to choose a hair dye according to numbers - signs of its durability

figures on the hair dye

The duration of the effect is also indicated on the package in the form of numbers, but they are in another place:

  • 0 means unstable paint. These include color shampoos, mousses and other products.
  • 1 - is a sign that the product lacks ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. This paint serves to refresh the hair color and give them shine.
  • 2 - speaks of a semi-stable facility. In the composition of such a paint there is hydrogen peroxide. Depending on the manufacturer, it may not contain ammonia. This product lasts about 3 months.
  • 3 - means that the paint is stable, and with it you can completely change the color of your hair.

More about the numbers on the package

In addition to the above figures can also report on this:

  • 0 (1.01) before the value - indicates the presence of a natural or warm pigment.
  • 00 (1.001) - a large number of zeros means a more natural shade.
  • 0 after the value (1.20) - indicates a saturated, bright color.
  • Two identical digits after the point (1.22) - indicate the saturation of the coloring component, an increased amount of additional shade.
  • The more zeros after the point, the more effective this paint paints the gray hair.

It is necessary at the same time to take into account the characteristics of the hair, as well as the previous procedures - clarification or melioration, which can reduce the staining staining.

How to choose the right color

Many women when choosing paint usea special palette of shades. But, basically, the result does not meet expectations. This situation occurs because synthetic fibers are stained for samples. And their structure is different from natural hair. Therefore, you need to know what the numbers on the hair dye mean.

 how to choose a hair dye by numbers

Before painting, you need to make a diagnosis. First you should find your hair color using the scale of shades. If the curls were previously stained, then this is also taken into account when choosing a tone. If there is any doubt about the chosen shade, you can use the paint without ammonia. It will quickly wash off, and you can try a new color.

When staining long blond hair, apply the paint evenly over the entire length, and then onto the roots. If the curls are short, you can apply the mixture completely.

What color to choose in the presence of gray hair

The condition of the hair is one of the mainmoments, which affects the choice of color. It is necessary to take into account the desired result and the presence of gray hair. If its amount is up to half the hair, you can use ammonium paint level of 7 or more units. Oxidizing agent should be 6%. Well suited to this option melirovanie.

 what do the numbers in hair color numbers mean

If the gray is 80%, then the paint is selected9th level. In this case, do not use warm shades. It is better to color your hair in light shades up to level 8. Do not use bright or dark colors. Gray hair can be poorly colored in such tones.

What affects the color fastness

When choosing a shade, you need to consider the condition of the curls. The easiest way to change color is if the hair is thin, soft and light in tone. Dark natural color will be much harder to change to the opposite.

Pigments of paint affect the resistance andthe severity of the hue. It's hardest to get cold tones. And red - on the contrary, and thus they will last longer. If the selected color is lighter than the original, the color should be clarified before painting. Since in this case the effect will not be visible or manifest as a hue.

You should also readinstructions. This is of great importance, especially when first painting with new paint. It is better to read it in the store and check the contents of the package and staffing. The requirements for different colors may differ, so you should first study them. Also do not forget about the allergy test.

what do the numbers on the hair dye package mean

In order for the color to be uniform, you needremember that one package is designed for 20 centimeters of medium-thick hair. It is not worth saving, but it is better to buy another package. If after the staining there are divorced excesses, they can not be stored until the next time.

So, when choosing a paint, you should focus onthe condition of the hair, its initial shade and the presence of gray hair. The figures on the hair dye will help you navigate when choosing the desired result. After all, the picture on the package and the palette are not 100% reliable. If you know what the numbers mean on the hair dye, the effect after staining will always bring joy, not disappointment.

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