"Armel" (perfume): customer reviews are positive and negative

Paul Valerie (French poet) said thatwomen with bad spirits, do not have a future. He was absolutely right. A good scent, or to be more precise, properly selected, plays the role of an ally, imperceptibly dressing us, thereby helping to enchant others and create that unforgettable first impression!

Today we will touch one of the loved ones by manywomen themes - fragrances. And it will be about the company "Armel", reviews about perfumes and a detailed description of the popular fragrances of this brand will be presented below. But first, we will deal with the secrets of using perfume.

10 rules for using perfume

  1. In a drop. Do not pour perfume, for a good disclosure of the aroma it is enough to apply a couple of drops. Otherwise, even the most pleasant smell will irritate you.
  2. Correct application: elbow bends behind the ears, a couple drops on the wrist and slightly above the collarbone.
  3. Combination with tissues. The smell quickly disappears if it is applied to silk and nylon. But such fabrics as wool, knitwear, ivy and fur products, not only hold the flavor well, but also perfectly spread it.
  4. Special events. If you are invited to a restaurant, do not spoon yourself with a lot of perfume, just drop a few drops around your neck and dress.
  5. Do not mix. Despite the abundance of aromas, not all of them are able to harmonize among themselves. Remember that decorative cosmetics (shower gels, lipsticks, deodorants, etc.) also have their own smell.
  6. Observance of seasonality. Cold flavors used in spring and summer, warm in autumn and winter. At the peak of the heat, it is better to give preference to fresh floral perfumes.
  7. The fragrance should be in harmony with the chosen outfit. For example, you can not smell sweet oriental perfume under your jeans. For a white dress, choose gentle fragrances, and for a black dress - more strict.
  8. Be wary of sharp smells, especially when you are waiting for a long trip or a hot night on the dance floor.
  9. Consider weather conditions, as they greatly change the fragrance of perfume.
  10. Spirits and clothes. If you want to give your scent an aroma, use a special dry perfume.

About Perfume

French perfume "Armel" is the goodsclass-premium, having a concentration of 20% in the concentration of natural oils. The official website says that the company is engaged in the issue of a numbered collection of brand fragrances. How to understand this? This means that each released flavor is delivered according to the producer-consumer scheme and is packed in a unified box, which shows the logo of the manufacturer Armelle ("Armel"). Customer feedback, speak of the acceptable cost of each flavor. How can quality spirits have attractive prices?

catalog of perfume armel

Due to the fact that each perfume is inthe same box and bottle, the buyer does not overpay for consumables, as well as the cost of salaries for sales consultants, shop rent and trade wrapping, which often goes up to 400%.

Description of perfume "Armel"

The company was created quite recently, and for thisShort span of time was able to cover not only the domestic market, but also the West and the East. It is worth noting that brand products are not a confiscated product, not a fake and not a typical "pouring". That is, all the collections that the catalog of perfumes "Armel" represents, not synthetic and not chemistry!

The cost of a bottle of 50 ml is 1500 rubles, while selective ones cost 2500 rubles. Bottles of flavors are produced in Italy, which already guarantees high quality.

In addition to perfume, the company produces hair care products. But soon "Armel" plans to expand the horizons and surprise fans with new directions.

The perfume composition "Armel"

Perfumery of this line is created on the basis ofhigh-quality components. Compared with synthetic, it is able to open in 3 notes, and when applied it does not have a sharp smell; on the contrary, the perfumes of the firm "Armel" are distinguished by a soft and rather gentle aroma.

On each package there is an inscription AEC. This means that the product meets all European standards and the requirements for quality and durability of perfume.

Armel perfume buyers feedback is negative

The composition of perfumes is based solely on naturalEssences produced in the laboratory "Argeville", in the city of Grasse, which is the perfume capital of France. Thanks to the fact that natural ingredients are used in the creation of perfumes, their fragrance is revealed in three stages, which makes the goods as good as brand analogues.

Spirits are poured and packed in bottles made in the factory "Perfume Style" from high-quality Italian glass.

Also it should be noted that the goods of this companyhas no direct relation to the famous brands (equivalents of famous perfume compositions are being created). This means that the manufacturer, who orders the flavors of the world's most popular trading houses (Chanel, Dolce Gabbana, etc.) has every right to sell this product under its own brand, but without a name (only under number) .

Why we overpay for your favorite fragrance

It can be confidently asserted that allalarming low price for products "Armel" (perfume), customer feedback - to confirm this. So, let's take a closer look at this issue, so that new consumers do not have doubts about the surprisingly low cost.

Figuratively imagine a perfume shop, wherethe fragrance bottle from Chanel is on sale. We will take the cost of perfume composition for 100%, and in the end we will receive the figures, on the basis of which the value of spirits is summed up:

  • 20% you pay for the packaging;
  • 20% - for the logo printed on the box and bottle;
  • 40% - all costs for advertising the goods;
  • 10% - payment for transportation costs;
  • 10% is the cost of the fragrance.

Do not forget about 100% cheat retailsupplier. Thus, the price for perfume of elite brands is also formed. But looking through the catalog of perfume "Armel" and choosing the appropriate flavor, you can bypass the above costs.

description of perfume armel

Aromas "For Her"

The most popular products from "Armel" (perfume), customer reviews and a brief description of fragrances will be presented right now.

  1. №127 (Nina Ricci - Love in Paris). Despite the tenderness and femininity of the fragrance, the perfume composition was able to gather all the notes for seduction and seduction. Perfume belongs to the category of flowers. The basis of the aroma was peony, rose and bergamot. Heart notes revealed apricot, jasmine and star anise. A light train of composition, giving the owner of Parisian charm, consists of vanilla, woody notes and muscat chord.
  2. No. 113 (Giorgio Armani - Si). The very name says that one flavor is able to call its owner to say this world "yes." Perfume composition is romantic and perfectly suits young girls. Base notes: green pear, neroli, mandarin, black currant. Heart notes: May rose. Light train: musk, patchouli and amber
  3. Gucci Guilty. Warm floral fragrance with oriental notes, addressed to bright girls enjoying every minute lived. The composition attracts the basic notes of mandarin, smoothly flowing into the heart - pink pepper, and leaving a light intoxicating train of flower-fruit shades.
  4. No. 108 (Chloe). One of the sweet and gentle perfumes. For the basic notes are freesia, peony and litchi. Shades of the heart are given to a lily of the valley, rose and magnolia. A delicate trail provides metallic musk. Buyers who tested the aroma in a cool room appreciated its light floral scent. However, according to other women in the warmth, he acquires honey sweetness.
  5. №103 (Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP). Perfume composition can be described in 3 words: sensuality, luxury, exclusive. Top note: tropical passion fruit. Base: vanilla. Shade: musk. The aroma is different in that it is suitable for daily use. Despite its stamina, the smell is light and almost invisible. It is these fragrances that create around the owner an aura of femininity, elegance and charm.
    perfume companies armole

Aromas "For him"

Men's fragrance "Armel" is presented in more than 20 variants. Of these, the most purchased:

  1. №001 (Versace Eau Fraiche). As initial notes, citrus fruits are used: bergamot, carambola, cardamom and polysander. Further the fragrance is revealed by heart notes of white cedar, pepper, sage and tarragon. The final stage will be sweet musk, amber and saffron. Wood-water aroma gives a man a fresh sensation, and the harmony of spicy ingredients - a charge of vivacity for a long time.
    photo perfume armel
  2. №002 (Hugo Boss - Boss). The fragrance is noteworthy in that it possesses not just an elegant but slightly provocative smell. The basis for the initial notes were: apple, plum, geranium, oak moss and citrus. Heart of flavor served as cinnamon with mustard, and completes the ensemble of cedar, vanilla and sandalwood.
    armole reviews on perfumes
  3. No. 003 (Chanel Bleu De Chanel). This creation "Armel" (perfume), customer reviews are discussed most often. In their opinion, the aroma can be compared to a woody play, the attention of which deserves all 3 acts. Initial notes due to menthol, citrus, nutmeg and pink pepper create a feeling of freshness of a gusty wind. Heart notes play the role of the second act, which is responsible for awakening: ginger, jasmine and cedar. And the completion of the woody play will be the basic notes: sandalwood, patchouli and incense.
  4. No. 004 (Carolina Herrera - 212 Men). Ambiguous aroma. If, on the one hand, he attracts attention with his citrus freshness, on the other he echoes the freshness of the leaves, and the completion is a wood chord. The composition is disclosed in bergamot, lavender, spices and grapefruit. Next comes the power of heart notes: violet, ginger, gardenia, sage. A light train appears due to vetiver, sandalwood, musk and incense.
     perfume for men
  5. No. 005 (Paco Rabanne - 1 million). This is a real cocktail of freshness for men who love quiet woody notes. A spicy aroma is created by grapefruit and red orange. Medium notes are expressed uncharacteristic for the male perfume components: rose, cinnamon and mint. The final chord will be the woody fragrance of patchouli and ambergris.
    french perfume armel
  6. No. 008 (Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc). A true symbol of harmony, purity and freshness. The whole perfume composition is woven from the notes of tender rosemary, tuberose, grapefruit, cardamom. But the real completion of the fragrance was wood chords with notes of skin.
  7. No. 010 (Chanel Allure Homme Sport). If you look at the photo of the perfume "Armel", it seems that the same packaging conceals a similar flavor. This is not true. For example, composition №010 has 4 facets: sensual, woody, spicy and fresh. And each of them creates a feeling of an endless cozy mood. In the initial notes are aldehydes and red mandarin. The averages are revealed by the aroma of white cedar, neroli and cedar, and the base is sweet vanilla, vetiver, white musk and amber.
    catalog of perfume armel
  8. №011 (Givenchy Play). Only one phrase can describe this fragrance: "Storm of emotions and passions". The refreshing composition is opened with bitter chords of grapefruit. Citrus theme is taken up by the heart notes of coffee and pepper. A sturdy train provides a fascinating haze of patchouli and vetiver.

But the photo of the spirits "Armel". Men's reviews suggest that # 016 is one of the brand's best fragrances. But it costs a little more, therefore in number of the most bought is not included.

catalog of perfume armel

Positive reviews

As it turned out, the opinion of the products from buyersthere was ambiguous. If one half is divided on the forums only by positive emotions, then the other is very negative. In general, everything in order ...

Despite the fact that the company is network, it hasa short time there were regular consumers advising others to buy goods of this brand. No chemistry is the most often mentioned dignity. The package says only 3 components: alcohol, perfume and water, which means no synthetics.

No less positive comments receivedprice. Although many admitted that at the beginning of special trust in the "French" products for 1500 rubles did not arise. But after receiving perfume and the first week of use, doubts evaporated, and no one doubted their authenticity.

True perfumers noted that brand fragrances have a sharper smell than the equivalent created by the company "Armel".

Also, buyers noted that for regular customers the store makes quite good discounts. For example, recently the cost of some fragrances was reduced by 40%.

Negative feedback

What did not please the second half of the buyersproduction "Armel" (perfume). Buyers' comments (negative) agreed on the fact that the aroma presented in the sampler differs significantly from the perfume sold in 50 ml bottles. In their opinion, in the samplers this perfume, and what is sold in large volume, smells like soap.

As it turned out, all negative comments about"Armel" (perfume), negative reviews and discontent are about the properties of fragrances. Some buyers argue that there are several flavors, which after 15 minutes after application start to not smell, but stink.

Many noted the discrepancy of spirits under the number 131 original. When applied, almost instantly, bitterness is felt, and then perfumes start to emit the aroma of cheap soap.

How to distinguish the original from forgery

How often we are deceived and acquirea fake at the cost of the original. To once again not become a victim of scammers, remember a few tricks that will help you to distinguish a fake from the original.

  1. Packaging. Many people know the fragrance of their favorite perfume and can immediately recognize the fake, but you can hardly smell the sealed goods. Therefore, try to calculate the fake visually: cellophane is tightly attached to the package and fixed not by gluing, but by a thermo method.
  2. We pass to the box. Often, when making fakes, letters are missed. The real French perfume has the inscription parfum, not parfume. The producer country must also be indicated, for example, not France, a Made in France. And it is still necessary to have a shelf life, volume and composition.
  3. Pay attention to the signs. The presence of the correct barcode, the clearness of the sign of recycling and the number that is driven into the cardboard package.
  4. Serial number printed on a glass bottle should not be erased.
  5. The presence in the package of an additional design, which does not allow the bottle with perfume to move.
  6. Colour. In original spirits, it is tender, for fakes it is usually bright or dim.
  7. The lid of the bottle should always be smooth and symmetrical. The only exception: the asymmetry is conceived by the manufacturer.

All information about the packaging is usually available on the official website of the manufacturer, so you can check the authenticity of your purchase at any time.

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