How to ensure rapid hair growth at home: recipes

It often turns out that short hair quicklybored, so I want them to grow back as soon as possible. Many people think that this is impossible, but it is not so. This article describes how to ensure rapid hair growth at home. This information will be useful to both women and men, because it happens that the representatives of the male want to have long hair.

Advantages of using a mask for hair growth

Of course, the mask is the most famous and belovedmany means. It really accelerates the growth of hair. The main advantages of the mask are its affordability, ease of use, and the fact that it does not require any special conditions, its use does not take much time and effort, and it is also removed from the hair simply. In addition, this tool also adds volume to the hair, strengthens and heals, and also prevents the splitting of the tips. Moreover, after using the mask, the curls are easier to comb and pack.

rapid hair growth at home

What products in the composition promote hair growth

Of course, not every mask will makehair grow faster. So, it should contain burdock oil, or red pepper, or yeast, or protein, or honey, or beeswax, or onion, or clay, or mustard, or cinnamon. It's also good if it contains vitamins. All these components can be purchased at the store if you want to make a home remedy provoking rapid hair growth. Recipes in various variations are given below.

How to make different masks yourself

So, to prepare a mask you need to prepareglass bowl (as for food, but let it be separate for cosmetic products), as well as a wooden spoon or other device of the same material for mixing. Means for stirring should also be used henceforth only for the preparation of cosmetics. Metal objects are not suitable in any case, since these elements are oxidized and negate the benefits of the components present in the masks.

So, here are some popular compositions.

Mask of mustard powder (the latter is for salein grocery stores among various condiments). Take two tablespoons of this powder, pour two tablespoons of warm water, mix. Then add the yolk, two teaspoons of sugar, six teaspoons of olive oil, sunflower with the addition of olive or even burdock. All thoroughly mixed again and applied to the hair. It's important not to start burning your head. As soon as there are signs of this, the remedy should be washed off immediately.

recipe for rapid hair growth at home

Egg mask. It is done no less easily. Take one fresh chicken egg, two teaspoons of oil (olive, sunflower with the addition of olive, burdock, castor) and two teaspoons of honey or beeswax. All the well mixed and applied to the head. It is important to distribute the product along the entire length.

Many praise the yeast mask. It will need 1 tablespoon of dry yeast, as well as one protein of chicken eggs. The protein is beaten carefully, the yeast is poured into it, mixed and applied to the hair.

rapid hair growth at home reviews

No less good mask with a bow. To make it, take two onions and one tablespoon of honey or beeswax. Vegetable knead carefully, so that he reminded the porridge by the consistency. Mix well in a bowl with honey and put on hair. It is important to note that the onion smells, so it is better to wash the composition with shampoo with a delicious smell.

These masks seem too simple inmaking, however, thanks to them, hair growth in the home is quickly achieved. Reviews about them are only positive. These recipes are good because they are time-tested, and in addition, the one who cooks them, is confident in the composition of the mask. A person knows that there are no unnecessary harmful chemicals in it, everything is only natural. It should be noted, however, that the process of preparation and use of such a device takes a long time, and often the mask is sharp and not very pleasant. But the shampoo eliminates the smell.

very rapid hair growth at home

There are some tricks. For example, if you want to lighten your hair a little, you can add lemon juice (about one tablespoon) to any mask. Also, there will not be any excess vitamins, for example, in tablets, but with their own grinded. Although they are sold in liquid form. In addition, if the hair is very dry, then add more oil. In general, the use of a mask is a sure and proven method. Rapid hair growth at home, if you believe the reviews, it is easy to achieve, you just need patience.

Basic rules for using a hair mask

There are some recommendations that you needObserve that the effect is noticeable. Of course, all ingredients must be fresh, and the mask must also be properly and accurately prepared. Rapid hair growth will be provided if it is applied to clean damp hair, keep at least 15-20 minutes (can be from half an hour to sixty minutes, if there is no discomfort), then rinse thoroughly with warm water and shampoo, and then apply a balm that also then wash off. In order for the mask not to spread out, it is advised to put on a shower cap or a film and tie the head tightly with a terry towel. This gives extra heat.

Moreover, if the mask uses a burdockoil, it must be washed for a very long time and persistently, so that the odor and particles of the agent do not remain, since it is well absorbed into the skin and hair. The same applies to castor oil. However, they contribute to a rapid increase in the volume and length of hair.

super fast hair growth at home

How to store the finished product

Because the mask consists of naturalingredients, it is best to cook it a little, that was enough for one at a time and did not have to be kept waiting for the next application. However, in extreme cases, you can put it in a bowl, in which it was cooked, placed in a refrigerator or on a window sill and closed tightly with a lid. Keep a couple of days. Allow the product to warm to room temperature before use.

How often can I make such a mask

Many mistakenly believe that anything other thanshampoo, apply on hair as little as possible, but it's not true. Absolutely calm mask is done three times a week. For example, if a person cleanses his hair every two days, you can apply a mask every time after washing. Moreover, such formulations must be applied frequently, because rapid hair growth at home is real only if the various means are constantly used. Still it is necessary to tell, that it is better to do or make a mask in the evening, for some hours up to a dream when it is already not necessary to hurry anywhere anywhere, and hair can be dried naturally by a natural way. If you plan this procedure in the morning, you will have to get up very early.

a method of rapid hair growth at home

What else promotes hair growth, except for the mask

Of course, rapid hair growth at homeprovide not only masks. For example, you can use special shampoos and balms, as well as whey, broths, lotions and oils (for example, burdock).

In addition, the intake of vitamins (A, B, C, D, E),calcium, iron and fish oil helps to strengthen hair and, of course, their growth. This is especially important in the spring and autumn periods, since then the body is prone to avitaminosis.

What other means can I do at home?

You can make decoctions of herbs at home. Here, for example, is an interesting and affordable recipe. Rapid hair growth at home helps to achieve the drug from the chamomile. In pharmacies, flowers of this plant are sold in boxes and sachets. Take one tablespoon of raw materials, pour a liter of boiling water (the water should be clean). Insist half an hour. Do not filter. You need to rinse your hair after washing your hair.

Also there is an easy recipe for decoction from plantain. His leaves are also sold in pharmacies. Take three tablespoons of this plant, pour half a liter of boiling water, then boil for five minutes. Then they let them brew for half an hour and necessarily filter through a strainer or gauze. Also apply to the hair after washing and immediately wash off.

a method of rapid hair growth at home

Moreover, at home you can make and lotion. For example, with parsley. It will fit both fresh and dried, as a seasoning. Take one teaspoon of this plant, pour a glass of vodka and put somewhere where the sun's rays do not fall for fourteen days. The finished product is filtered through a sieve or gauze, allow it to brew for half an hour. Then you can rub into the scalp after each wash. It is not necessary to wash off, the product can be stored for a month.

People in their reviews say that the effect of suchprocedures - just super! Rapid hair growth at home is achieved due to the fact that the beneficial substances that make up the plants, affect the hair follicles, and also moisturize the hair.

What means to choose in shops

When choosing a tool, you need to study itcomposition, as well as the purposes for which it is intended. The composition should not have alcohol, since it harms the scalp and makes the hair very dry. Well, if there are vitamins. If there is a choice, then it is better to purchase drugs without parabens, sulfates, phosphates, hydroxybenzone and phytohormones. They bring little good to the human body.

hair growth agent

If we talk about the inscriptions on the package, it shouldbe written that this tool helps hair growth, perhaps, their strengthening. In general, you always need to choose make-up for your needs. Fortunately, everything is available on a box or jar.

How often can you use these tools?

In fact, nothing harmful in these proceduresno. Broth to rinse hair can be after each washing of the head. Serum and balm are used in the same way. But butter can be used once a week. If you combine several ways to care to increase the length of the strands, it is guaranteed very rapid hair growth at home: according to reviews, a few centimeters per month.

Additional tips for caring for your hair

Many are faced with such a problem assplit ends. Of course, if you go to cut them, some of the hair will remain in the office of the hairdresser, which means you will have to achieve the desired length for a long time. However, there are many ways to make the ends do not split. For example, you can go to the hairdresser and ask once to trim the ends with hot scissors. This slows down the process.

Also in the cosmetic stores sell wheyto strengthen the tips. They can be applied after washing your head on still damp hair. And, of course, it is worth buying shampoos and balms that are struggling with this problem. By the way, masks, especially those that contain keratin, also strengthen hair. This is especially important in winter, as it is at this time that the curls are most exposed to low temperatures, which makes them brittle and split.

mask rapid hair growth

Also after applying the mask, you need to give the hairdry naturally, without a hair dryer, so as not to interfere with useful substances soak in, and then use a wooden comb with sparse teeth. Comb the strands carefully, from the tips to the roots.

It is also very important to use the hair dryer and curling iron as rarely as possible. They damage the structure of the hair, because of what they break and grow more slowly.

As can be seen, it is fairly easy to provide a fasthair growth at home. The most important thing is that the procedures are carried out regularly (but without fanaticism), since from several times the effect will not be exactly. It is also important to combine different means - an integrated approach has not harmed anyone.

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