Styler "Bebilis" for curls: reviews

Spending a lot of time creating beautifulcurls? Are not always happy with the result? Then you need a curling platter "Babilis" for curls. Reviews, rules of use and other information about it are contained in the article.

a whit for curls

Miracle device

Girls who have straight hair from nature,I want to give my head a unique volume. The "Belabil" styler for curls, which we will analyze today, perfectly copes with this task. If before you had to sleep on curlers and wind your hair for hours on a simple curling iron, now you can forget about it. To create a luxurious hairstyle, it's enough to spend only 10-15 minutes. From you, in fact, nothing is required. All will make a styler "Bebilis" for curls. Reviews about the device, we will consider later.

To get a good result, you need to follow certain recommendations. Here are some of them:

  • Before curling the hair should be washed, dried and well combed. Thanks to this they will not be confused.
  • Be sure to use thermal protection. The ceramic coating itself does not damage the hair. But the temperature effect can lead to their weakening.
  • The ideal option is a thermo-protective device with fixation. It performs two functions at once. First, it protects the hair from high temperatures. Secondly, allows you to fix the created hair.

Many girls would like to know what they are and how much the "Belis" device is for the curls. Reviews, prices and other relevant information are provided below.

The cost of the BaByliss fuse is from 2,700 to 3,800 rubles. You can buy the device in branded stores and electronics hypermarkets.

Belt for curls

Advantages of the styler

Today, there is a wide range of placers on offer, allowing you to create beautiful and orderly curls. Why should you give preference to the BaByliss styler? Let's list its main advantages:

1. Automatic curls curls.

2. The creation of a beautiful hairstyle takes only 10-15 minutes.

3. Curls hold on for a long time.

4. Easy to use.

5. Security (can not be burned).

6. The ability to adjust the time and choose the direction of the curl.

7. Auto power off after 60 minutes.

8. The presence of an audio timer.

Instructions for use

How does the Plait "Babilis" work for curls? The reviews left by many girls say that there is nothing complicated here. The main thing is to follow the instructions.

Step # 1. The ceramic part of the device is turned to the head. Now separate the strand width of 3 cm. Install the styler in the place where the curl will begin. It is necessary to maintain the strand in a tensioned position, so that it passes through the center of the apparatus. Some ladies complain that there is a tangle of hair when using a "Béblis" curl for curls.

Camomile hair for curls отзывы

Reviews of these girls are usually negative. But they, as a rule, are to blame. After entanglement of hair occurs in two cases - if the strand is too thick or the hair is not in the center. The styler beeps to indicate that a problem has occurred.

Step number 2. To get the curls you need to close the handlesapparatus. After that, the hair is sent to the ceramic chamber for styling. This process takes a few seconds. You can set the time for curling yourself. The device will emit slow beeps to indicate the end of the process.

Step # 3. Open the handle of the device and gently release the strand. We got the perfect curl. To see this, just look in the mirror.

Cleaning and care

After using the device, you must wait untilit will cool down. Be sure to disconnect it from the network. Then proceed to clean the hair styling chamber. The kit includes a special device. It will remove from the inner walls of the chamber the remnants of the packing materials and the fallen hairs. Regular maintenance will extend the life of the styler.

The styler is a white for the curls of otzywy

The cooler should be dampened with warm water. You can add a slightly mild detergent. The cleaning tool is completely inserted into the hair styling chamber. Rotate it to remove the remnants of the drugs. Before using the styler again, make sure that it is completely dry.

"Babilis" (the machine for ringlets): customer reviews

Is it worth it to spend such money to buy a stylerfor a wave of a hair? Is it dangerous? How does the Belis apparatus for curls work? Comments of the girls who used it will help to make the most complete picture and make the right choice.

What do Russians think about the new wonder-ployka? The overwhelming majority of the reviews are positive and even enthusiastic. The first advantage that the customers of BaByliss singled out is the speed of creating a hairstyle. Even owners of long hair need to spend no more than 20 minutes.

Beltis curl machine reviews

The second point, which the girls noted,lies in the fact that the curls turn out to be perfect. And they do not lose their form for several hours. This is especially important for long feasts and celebrations.

The young ladies who bought the BaByliss plaque claim that they quickly learned how to use it. You just need to bring a lock to the styler, and he twists it. Previously, this had to only dream.

Another issue that excites womenThe beautiful sex concerns the safety of the device. In their reviews, the girls who tested BaByliss on themselves, in every way praise the curling iron. Unlike other materials, the ceramic coating does not burn the hair. A thermal protection means will help minimize the impact of high temperatures.

As you understand, many customers likedDevice "Belabil" for curls. Reviews with negative content also occur, but in a small amount. In them, girls mostly complain about the high cost of the device.


Now you know what you areand how the device "Belabilis" works for curls. Customer reviews help to draw the right conclusions. If you follow the instructions for use and care of the frog, it will last you a very long time, allowing you to create a luxurious hairstyle in just 10-15 minutes.

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