Situational analysis as the most important tool of marketing research in the enterprise

Both large and small enterprises thatconduct economic activities, often face the problem of overcoming various crisis situations that periodically arise in any production. It is impossible to avoid this, because in the conditions of an unstable economic situation in the country, any company is forced to fight for its positions on a daily basis, finding new competitive advantages. To minimize the possible difficulties in the enterprise, a so-called situational analysis is often used in the marketing strategy.

A competent company director necessarily requiresfrom their marketers to carry out a planned "cut", as a result of which both management and ordinary employees of the company see what level the company occupies today. Such situational analysis allows not only to get rid of all superfluous, but also illusions about own estimation of economic activity, but also to rationalize the entire course of the business process, improving its basic mechanisms. As a result of such an assessment, the company's management can outline new long-term plans in its development, as well as develop a general strategy for expanding its activities.

Marketing analysis, comprehensively covering alltrading activity of the enterprise, as a result is formed in the volumetric report in which it is possible to see all strong and weak sides of the company, and also those difficulties which it is necessary to collide. At meetings and planning meetings of various levels, responsible persons develop new approaches to solving both old and new problems, and also carefully study the market situation in the desired segment. It is important to note that the situation analysis of the enterprise can be carried out qualitatively only if it is managed by the director of the enterprise. It is he who is the person behind the development of the company, so he, like anyone else, needs a sober and clear view of his company from outside.

There are other methods of market research,which are widely used to study consumer demand, analyze competitors, assess the economic situation in the country and so on. Each of them also represents important information, but situational analysis plays a special role in this respect. The task for executing it can be assigned by the head spontaneously, as a result of certain circumstances, therefore, all employees of the enterprise engaged in marketing research should always be ready for it.

In situational analysis of researchfour main areas of activity are exposed: production, supply, marketing and organization of R & D. In addition, the internal spheres of activity that ensure the normal functioning of the company are carefully studied: information service, finance, personnel service and so on. Situational analysis is divided into certain stages, among which one can distinguish the following:

1. Definition of a problem situation.

2. Development of a unified research concept.

3. The choice of the object of research.

4. Direct analysis.

In carrying out research,questionnaires, questionnaires, leaflets and advertising booklets that are distributed among potential consumers of goods or services to clarify the target group. As a result, new information may appear about the consumption of goods sold, after which it is possible to proceed with the overall planning of tactical tasks.

Thus, situational analysis in marketingallows the company to "shake up", and with new forces to start both to promote new products, and to implement the already traditional range of its products.

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