Return of goods purchased through the online store

Internet marketing plays far from the lastrole in the formation of the St. Petersburg market, especially in the music industry, banking and advertising. Most successful in this type of business are new modern technologies: mobile phones, players and components for computers, which are in great demand among consumers of online stores. According to the latest statistics to date, about a third of all active Internet users use it to make purchases. A few years ago, the possibility of selling clothes and shoes via the Internet was regarded as an empty undertaking, due to the fact that it can not be touched and tried on.

Some modern Internet projects are cleanhave refuted this statement, proving to the world that even the expensive designer clothes and exclusive jewelry can be sold through the World Wide Web, especially since the legal framework provides for a return from a buyer of a substandard product. Over time, Internet marketing will gain momentum, as the number of users is constantly increasing and at the same time innovative technologies make it possible to make the service more convenient for the client. However, its impact has not yet affected the purchase of consumer goods, products and other small things, which our compatriots almost every day are sent to the nearest store.

The legal framework allows the client to exercisereturn of the goods to the online store if its quality or individual properties indicated by the customer do not correspond to those specified in the application. The buyer has the right to refuse the goods at any time before receipt and within seven days after receipt of the product. Return of good quality goods is carried out in the event that the original package, the general presentation and the document confirming the fact of purchase are kept. The buyer can not refuse the goods of proper quality, if the goods are ordered according to individual characteristics and can not be used by anyone other than the buyer purchasing it. Money for the return of goods purchased through the online store, the buyer receives, except for the cost of delivery. The buyer sends a written application to the management of the store, on the basis of which the payment of money is made within 10 days.

In case if the buyer was sent goodsimproper quality, he can declare this within 20 days after receipt of the goods and show the seller the requirements for the deficiencies. The contract with the buyer negotiates the time for the return of a substandard product and the possibility of replacing it with another product. The buyer who sold substandard products has the right to replace or return the goods (the replacement must be for similar products or for goods of another brand with the corresponding recalculation of the purchase price). Refunds are made by the Internet store within ten days from the receipt of the goods back under a written request of the buyer, with the return of money being made only to the bank account.

Owners of network companies have long appreciatedIdeal opportunities for business promotion that the Internet offers. Selling products through electronic stores can bring them enormous profits, and expanding the network through online advertising can make their possibilities simply limitless. Nevertheless, for the time being it is still a utopia, because there are a number of serious problems that prevent Internet commerce from seizing the St. Petersburg market. This is the lack of payment systems that would inspire one hundred percent confidence to the buyer, and the delivery of products, which in St. Petersburg has not yet reached the required level. The competition of the two most grandiose discoveries of the twenty-first century of the Internet and Network Marketing will continue until it enters a completely new quality that can create new forms of mutual understanding and cooperation between people and inevitably change their lives for the better.

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