Conversions: red sneakers. With what to wear?

Keds have long been considered not just athleticshoes, and a convenient and fashionable option for every day. Their huge advantage is that they can be combined with any clothing and at the same time look stylish. Keds are mostly young, but they can also be seen on adults quite often. Today you can find sneakers for absolutely any taste: black, white, colored, denim, with prints and various ornaments. In addition, they come in different lengths and shapes. There are even sneakers on the platform and heels!

The most popular firm of a sneaker is "Converse", hencethe name of the "conversions". Red sneakers of this manufacturer can already be considered a classic. They are especially popular with people who prefer bright colors. Many people give their preference to the sneakers called "conversions". Red sneakers are an excellent option if you want something bright, but at the same time combined with many things.

Casual style

red sneakers

By themselves, red conversations are brightaccent, so they require something that will be combined with them. But do not put on any basic thing (T-shirt, dress, trousers) of red or generally bright color. It is better to pick up some accessory of a similar shade. For example, a bag or a scarf. Thus, the red color will look harmonious in the general image. The ideal everyday way is a combination of red sneakers, jeans with a T-shirt or shirt. If this dress seems too simple for you, then you can add accessories: a small bag over your shoulder, a cap, glasses and the like.

Romantic style

Conversions red

If you have never before tried to wear sneakersin combination with a skirt or dress, then definitely try. This image looks modern and youthful. Do not be afraid that you will have a light, delicate dress and at the same time a conversion. Red sneakers have long been worn with all that is possible. And this image looks not only harmoniously, but also original. Red sneakers "Converse" in this case it is better to combine with some bright dress. It can be any length, both short and floor.

Many girls face such a problem,as inconvenience when walking on his heels. In the case of sneakers, this will not happen, because they are quite comfortable shoes. And even more so, in summer we all want to have fun and enjoy life, but still look beautiful. Keds are an ideal option in this case.

Sport style

red conversations

Girls who adhere to sportsstyle, have long been familiar with such shoes as conversions. Red sneakers for many of them are a favorite. One can not but note their convenience, because everyone who ever wore sneakers, will agree that this shoe feels comfortable enough on the foot and does not cause any inconvenience. They are ideally combined with denim shorts and a T-shirt, making a fairly ordinary image more interesting.

But there are also sports dresses. They are slightly different from the usual ones. Basically simplicity of cut and convenience. With what to wear it? An excellent option - sneakers. In this case, you will hold the sporting style, and do not weight the image, because the sneakers are not massive in themselves.

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