Down jacket with fur for a fabulous winter

down jacket with fur

To look fashionable and stylish in a frosty winter,does not necessarily have a fur coat. Down jacket with natural fur costs several times less, and some models look even more elegant than the familiar mink coats. At the same time, it's quite possible to buy several things for the season. Believe me, at the very time will be a short jacket with a hood, and an elongated elegant model with an interesting cut and magnificent accessories.

Down jacket with fur has long ceased to be clothing forsports or active recreation. He firmly entered the everyday wardrobe. And in the conditions of the city, he has much more advantages over the same sheepskins or fur coats. You do not have to worry about the safety of your "skin", hitting, for example, under wet snow or - worse - rain. In addition, in high-quality products manufacturers make all fluffy items removable so that you can unfasten them before cleaning your clothes.

down jacket with natural fur

And do not think that you will not survive the harshthirty degrees of frost in such a frivolous garment. No wonder the polar explorers (and they really understand the really warm things!) Put on a down jacket. With or without fur, but quilted jackets for fluff were more appropriate in the Arctic climate than thick awkward daughters and fur coats. Over time, materials and sewing technologies became more and more perfect, so now you will not surprise anybody with thin, almost weightless jackets, in which any winter is not terrible.

And outwardly these products no longer resemble thosefunctional, but boring sweatshirts. Now a winter down jacket with fur is a thing that works for your image. In the catalogs you can find models of different styles. This is as you like it. Some like the abundance of decor: rhinestones, embroidery, bright details. Other things are restrained and elegant. Still others pay attention to the unusual cut - the Japanese armhole, the collar-transformer, the asymmetry.

The color scheme also does not get bored. Here there are quite calm and universal tones (sand, chocolate, dark blue, black), and a variety of rich juicy colors. City streets, colored with red, turquoise, pistachio patches of coats and jackets, no longer seem dull gray.

winter down jacket with fur

There are so many styles that you can find your own, especiallyindividual, the thing will not be difficult. However, it is necessary to spend some time, trying on the models you like. Now fashion is very democratic, there is plenty to choose from. Lovers of jeans are offered short jackets. Do not be deprived and those who even in the fierce cold prefers to flaunt in skirts and dresses. They like feminine beautiful coats up to the knee.

Sometimes rich decoration becomes a kind ofchip. Down jacket with a fur of a red fox, fox, lynx, raccoon, mink, fox looks more noble than the restrained cut. A really luxurious collar or cuffs made of expensive fur make you play the most usual model. Especially designers are not limited to only a modest hood trim. Front strips are decorated, pockets. On sale there are models that have a fur coquette. Interestingly look kurtochki with imitation worn over a fox, raccoon vest. In favor of non-standard combinations of materials and textures.

Down jacket with fur can afford and younggirls, and mature ladies. Correctly selected style will help the owner with ease to throw off a couple of years, and this, you will agree, is another valuable quality among other amazing advantages of this type of clothing.

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