How to make an unusual and original gift for mother-in on March 8?

They say that a man has one mother. But this is not entirely true. Rather, biological, of course, one. However, it often happens that relatives of the second half - the wife or husband - also become very close and even native people. In this article I want to tell the girls how to prepare a gift for mothers on March 8.

gift of mother-in on March 8

Hobby and hobby

How can anyone please? It's very simple, to give something from what he enjoys. Just have to learn about hobbies and hobbies. So, one can say with certainty that an excellent gift for mother-in-law on March 8 is a figure for replenishment of the collection, material for sewing - if the husband of the husband likes to sew, good paper or paint - if he likes to draw. And so on, the list here can be continued indefinitely.


Of course, always necessary gift of mother-in-lawon March 8 - these are flowers. It is worth noting that such a present will suit every woman. The only thing you need to know beforehand what kind of preferences she likes is her mother-in-law roses or tulips, carnations or gerbera. It is worth noting that flowers can be not just an addition, but a gift. So, you can give a woman some unusual and expensive flower. It will not be superfluous at all.

As an alternative to her husband's mother give the pot. Of course, if she likes to take care of plants. So, you can choose something unusual or simply beautiful. Today, for example, orchids are very relevant. Most women are crazy about them. Than not an excellent gift?

If you are as practical as possible, you cangive your mother-in-law a set of flower seeds for the flower bed under the windows of the house. After all, it is not uncommon to buy expensive and exotic varieties very few people can afford. And so, the gift will please the mother of her husband for quite a long time.

the original gift of mother-in-law


A very good gift for mothers on March 8 isvarious cosmetics. But here we must be extremely cautious, because every person has his own preferences. Do not give lipstick or shade. But here to choose perfume or scented water with a pleasant aroma - why not?


To congratulate the mother-in-law on March 8,you can give your second mom some kind of home appliances. Again, much will depend on the financial state of the couple's daughter-in-law. You can, eventually, to fork out for a new mobile phone or a vacuum cleaner. But you can buy a coffee grinder, a toaster, an iron - smaller ones, and accordingly, cheaper gifts.


Everyone knows that the book is a great present. If it is not known which genre of fiction literature is preferred by the husband of her husband, you can give her, for example, a cookbook. Many women from such a gift will be crazy. If the second mother is fond of domestic plants, you can buy her a gift with a book with tips and practical advice.

 congratulations on 8 March of mother-in-law


A very original gift for the mother-in-law isPhoto. Here it is already possible, as they say, to let your imagination dance. You can give your second mother a beautifully decorated photo of your beloved grandchildren, or make a collage of photos that illustrate the main moments of life of the mother-in-law.

As an alternative, you can give a woman a photo session. This any lady will like, as almost all of them like to be photographed.

Gift for the soul

A very successful congratulations on March 8mother-in-law, if you give her a gift for the soul, and not practical, as it is often done. In this case, you can buy a gift certificate in the spa, a manicure or make-up. You can send your husband's mother on a small trip or give a parachute jump (and that, there are ladies who dream about it). There are a lot of options: it can be a ticket to the theater or ballet, a trip to the excursion or simply a trip to a good restaurant with your loved ones.


gift of mother-in-law with own hands

Naturally, you can give your mother-in-law somethingedible. So, most often it's sweets. It can be a custom-made and original cake or baked goods made by hand. You can even order a usual chocolate, that's only the cover of it will be unusual: a picture of my mother or just a nice inscription for her. By the way, today it is easy to do this. In addition, there are many agencies that provide printing services of any format and content.


But still the best gift of mother-in-law - theirhands made. In this case, you can create almost anything. So, you can connect the husband to this case. Variations are huge. If there is a talent for sewing, you can sew a beautiful and original pillow, if the girl is embroidering - to embroider a picture. Together with her husband, you can do something in the yard or in the apartment of the second mother (to restore the dresser or decorate the balcony).

If there are no special skills, you canjust make a greeting card with wishes, decorate a bottle of wine beautifully with ribbons or make a small doll-amulet of strings. Both originally and from the heart. It is worth noting that such gifts are always pleasant and dear to the heart.

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