What are the samples of silver? Details about the samples of silver

Some may be surprised by the fact that jewelryproducts are rarely made of pure material. This is due both to the properties of the precious metals themselves and to the fact that pure gold or silver can rarely be obtained. Clean products often have a different color and have different characteristics.

What are the samples of silver and where did they come from?

Silver, like other precious metals, you candilute with doping materials almost to infinity. This undoubtedly worsens its value. Visually distinguish qualitative silver from "diluted" is not so easy.

In order to somehow distinguish a fake fromof this article, and a sample system was introduced. It has been operating since 1927 and is still valid today in Russia and the CIS countries. According to the metric, the quality of the precious product is determined by the capacity of a pure material per 1000 grams. That is, if the sample of the product is 925, it means that in a kilogram of such an alloy, 925 grams of silver and 75 doping metals.

Looking ahead, we will report that the highest samplesilver - 960. But why not 1000? Silver itself is very soft material, and therefore it must be "strengthened" with nickel, copper, zinc or aluminum. Copper is most often used. In alliance with such metals, it acquires strength. It is worth noting that in Russia 80% alloys are officially considered non-precious.

what are the samples of silver

Technical silver

Silver without sample, that is, the percentage of capacitybelow 80, is called technical metal. For the manufacture of jewelry such material is not used. But talking about its poor quality is not entirely correct. The fact is that it has increased strength. Metal due to its physical properties is an ideal material for the manufacture of parts for radio engineering. Silver is used in the manufacture of relays.

These privileges were obtained through light reflection and high electrical conductivity.

Theoretically from such silver it is possible to make and jewels, if to you the test is unprincipled. But then you should take into account that the metal is not considered precious.

Types of silver samples

Details about the samples of silver (what are the samples of silver) Let's talk further.

samples of silver are
Metal, which is considered precious, is marked as follows:

  • 800 - for cutlery;
  • 830 - used for making dishes and inexpensive jewelry;
  • 875 - household;
  • 925 - jewelery, a widespread kind;
  • 960 - maximum sample;
  • 999 - pure silver.

Details about the samples of silver

What are the samples of silver, we found out. Now consider their purpose.

  1. Silver with the 800-m "mark" means that in itnot less than 80% pure metal. It is distinguished by its high strength and high-quality foundry properties. But there is a minus - it is quickly oxidized in the open air. That's why such silver is not used for making jewelry. Another reason is that it has a copper-yellow tinge, so it's easy to distinguish from jewelry varieties.
  2. Obviously, adding three percent of silver to the alloy does not alter the physical properties of the finished product. Therefore, the main purpose of this sample - the manufacture of forks, spoons and knives.
  3. If you list the samples of silver - what arekinds - the 875th is used for jewelry. The decoration of such a plan should be called "economy class". The fact is that the cost of products is lower, and because of the increased strength, compared with pure silver, it is difficult to make the work filigree.
  4. 925-th test of silver - the most common injewelry business. First, the low capacity of other metals gives a characteristic sheer silver shine. A fairly soft consistency makes it possible to produce amazingly beautiful ornaments. With all this, such silver perfectly keeps its shape.
  5. 960-th test is characteristic for jewelry. Visually and by physical properties, it is similar to the 925th. Nevertheless, it is more susceptible to mechanical damage. The only advantage is that it practically does not oxidize and, as a consequence, does not turn black.

samples of silver
Samples of silver: what are they and what are they used for? The question is quite specific. Everyone must decide for himself what properties the product should have, which he is ready to buy.

Pure silver

Now you know the types of silver. What are the samples of silver and what sample is put on the finished product - found out. Next, let's talk about pure metal.

Silver, marked with the 999th test, is differentsoftness. It is pure metal, so it is not used for making jewelry. It is very easy to bend or break. If you make an ornament of pure silver, then besides that it will quickly lose its shape, its color will change instantly: the metal quickly oxidizes and becomes dull.

Types of silver what are the samples of silver and what is the sample
Pure silver is used for smelting ingots or collectible coins. By themselves these items are not used in everyday life, which minimizes surface damage.

How to determine the quality of silver at home?

Modern technologies allow forgingjewelry so that it is almost impossible to distinguish them from the real ones. But still, no one canceled the return of the product for 14 days, therefore, having come home and belittling the new trinkets, we recommend to conduct simple tests that will help to determine approximately the composition.

Now you know what are the samples of silver. But how to determine the authenticity of the product?

  1. The first and one of the most effective tests -magnet check. This silver will not attract. However, this is by no means the only metal that ignores the "attractiveness" of the magnet. So it is necessary to conduct an additional test.
  2. You can play on thermal conductivity. Silver quickly adopts the temperature of the environment. Simply put - instantly heats up in his hand and quickly cools in cold water.
  3. Alternatively, iodine can be used as an indicator. A drop of iodine will leave a dark spot. But it should also be taken into account that cleaning this spot will not be so easy.

in detail about the samples of silver what are the samples of silver
Do not bend and cut the product. If it is a fake, then it will be impossible to return it, and leave yourself a spoiled product - throw money away.

Now we all know about this metal: what are the samples of silver, where are used. So, when buying a product, we can make the right choice.

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