Whitney Thompson - winner of the 10th reality show Tyra Banks

Recently on the catwalks there are girlswith figures that we see on the streets. They are overweight compared to standard models. One of the first corpulent girls who decided to become a top model was Whitney Thompson. Before her, 5 girls with non-standard sizes were tortured in a reality show. But they did not succeed. Whitney Thompson, having an attractive face, the right proportions of the figure, applied to participate in the Taira show.

short biography

The girl was born on 26.09.1987 in the town of Atlantic Beach, Florida. Becoming a model was her golden dream. At home, she appeared three times on the cover of Jacksonville. Persistent Whitney worked in an elementary school, took care ofchildren before and after classes, studied at the University of Duncan. Despite the fact that Whitney Thompson's growth, weight and other parameters were unsuitable for the modeling business (178 cm, 85 kg, chest volume - 94 cm, waist circumference - 81 cm, and hips - 108 cm), Taira, along with the judges drew attention on green-eyed with chestnut-colored hair pretender.


From all states of America was selected by video andphotos of 35 girls. Each applicant briefly told about herself, and 13 girls were left who were supposed to take part in the reality show "American Top Model". 10 season began with the fact that 8 applicants were taken to New York. All the girls were different, and at that moment Whitney Thompson was lost among them. She needed to change her appearance. For this stylists began. They made her a bright blonde, increased her hair, and applied effective make-up.

Whitney Thompson


Every day girls were brought to the shooting. Accessories were very different, like make-up, which was applied to work with a photographer. Every day, one of the participants was given a high jury, and their number decreased every day. The models were kept in suspense. Not always the relationship between the girls were benevolent. Some immediately said that this is a competition, and they will not have friends.

What did you do with the girls

  • In 3 series on the yacht near the evening BrooklynThe bridge in a sunny cold windy day of beauty advertised underwear from El MacPherson. Everyone froze, but the smiles did not leave their faces. This was the first real test - turning into a model under any conditions.
  • It was terrible to watch the 4 series, when the girlsbrought to the meat factory and "dressed" in pieces of raw meat. The action was so that the girls had to not only walk beautifully, but almost hugging with raw hanging on the hooks. Whitney did not show herself particularly well: neither good nor bad.
  • In the 5 series on the face of the models, multicoloredpaints. Girls in a ramshackle structure were invited to learn how to take various poses for a photo shoot. They had to show in the frame different feelings. Whitney Thompson tried, but she could not. She, as the judges decided, posed reluctantly and did not show a strong desire for victory.
  • In the 6th series, Whitney's music-capable song perfectly revealed the musical style of the melody. She was noted as the best in this contest.
    Whitney Thompson model

Goodbye, America!

  • In the 9th series, the competition task was toparty. Everything was assessed: tact, manners, the ability to submit oneself in society and conduct an easy unobtrusive conversation. The girls were warned that the next thing they had to do was to fly to Italy. Delight had no end. The next photo session was held at the airport. Together with their suitcases, they climbed the ladder and took spectacular poses. Whitney was again middle.
  • In 11 series of girls brought to the center of the gladiators. They wore armor, gave shields and swords and began to learn how to handle weapons, not forgetting to show all their beauty, strength, confidence and calmness. After training, a photo session took place in an ancient castle. Whitney was recognized as one of two finalists.
  • In the 12th series, participants in black and white frames shouldwere pose in big plans. The girls turned into Italian stars, who hide from the intrusive paparazzi. Many liked Whitney's work.
  • Advertising video for mascara madeworried girls even more. It was necessary to speak in frames, telling about the merits of the carcass. Our heroine was a clear leader. The model Whitney Thompson conducted this work as a professional. The next thing the two girls left in the finals was shooting for the cover of "Seventhin."
    Whitney Thompson Growth Weight
    And finally - the final show in dresses fromDonatella Versace. The girls were brilliant, but Whitney was the best. 10 the winner of the show was Whitney. There were tears of joy, numerous pictures of the judges. And, of course, prizes!

Whitney Thompson now

After the show, she changed her hair color and became dark,and then re-painted. Before and after reality, the girl listened to the conversations that she was a "fat cow". She stopped paying attention to it. Whitney was looking for an application to her forces and stopped at the fact that she opened a boutique for girls and women suffering from the fact that they have excess weight.

Whitney Thompson now
In the photo she is wearing clothes from her collection. Whitney Thompson seeks to prove that the ladies in the body deserve happiness. Their weight is not a barrier to marriage and career. She believes that Britain represents in this sense a very interesting market for the size of the "plus plus". Whitney thinks that you should wear only those clothes that are comfortable. She loves bright silk, leather and black jeans.
top model for American 10 season
Thompson sits on a bicycle and rides it, likeall common people. And she also says that if she wants, she eats steaks and chips and advises everyone who does not have too much weight, just listen to your body and enjoy life.

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