Online store "Zapato": feedback about the resource

For two years of its existence, an online store"Zapato" made its way to the leaders of online sales of footwear and accessories. Opened in 2010, this resource instantly gained popularity thanks to a variety of catalogs of brand shoes, which was offered at absolutely affordable prices. And today this "store on the couch" is not losing ground, acquiring even more fans who appreciate beautiful, quality shoes. According to the creators of the project, all products presented in the catalogs are certified. In addition, the "Zapato" online store, which adheres to its main principle: the goods go on sale only after it gets to the warehouse. This allows you to significantly save the time of customers, delivering their order within 3-4 days.

Is it really? This can be learned from people who use the services of the online store "Zapato". Reviews about the service of this popular resource are so numerous that it would be reasonable to generalize them and reveal both positive and negative points. So, what is most disturbing and what pleases the buyers of shoes and accessories in this store? Speaking about the product itself, it is worth noting that claims to quality and "brandedness" were practically not observed. Many people say that delivered shoes, boots, sandals, bags, etc. in real life are even more beautiful than in the photographs of the catalog. More buyers are attracted to the opportunity to sample the shoes ordered at the "Zapato". Reviews about this service leave no doubt that it's real. All you need is to ask for a courier with several sizes of the model you like. If something (or all) does not fit, you can immediately return without spending money on the shipment. And, of course, it is very convenient to buy shoes without leaving home. After all, the modern rhythm of life does not always allow you to find time for long trips to the shops in search of coveted boots or shoes. And catalogs of the store "Zapato", reviews about which the most diverse, almost limitless.

That there was no opinion that this article -a certain advertising move, we will pass to consideration of not so good opinions about the aforesaid resource. Proceeding from them (and there are too many of them, therefore, for that there are reasons), we will make a generalized conclusion, than buyers are not happy. Most often referred to an unfair attitude towards their work and customers of individual employees of the store and courier service. Many agreed that it would be better to receive parcels not by courier, but by mail. This was due to the fact that orders were not delivered in advance, but when trying to find out the reason, a wide variety of answers were given. Another shortcoming of "Zapato", feedback about which helps potential customers make the right decision, is a periodic failure in the computer system of the resource. Often you can meet complaints that the goods placed in the "basket", suddenly turns out to be withdrawn or it is not at all in the database. Also a very negative reaction is caused by a very long refund to the buyer for shoes, which he did not fit and sent back.

Of course, you can continue to list all the good andnot really about this online store, but the choice is always just for you. Any similar resource is like a lottery: either a pan, or disappeared. Or it may happen that it is not lucky with one order, but the next one does not snore. And if you really "see at the root", then very often even in an ordinary store, trying on this or that thing, it seems to us that it is beautiful and sits perfectly. And bring it home, put it on again and suddenly notice clumsy seams, crocheted threads, short sleeves, uneven hem, scratched skin on the shoe ... And what do we do? Or we try to eliminate the defect on our own, or we give it to the grandmother in the garden, or we carry it back to the store and demand to return the money. Sometimes it happens with a scandal, sometimes without or does not work at all ... So online stores, in fact, do not differ much from ordinary ones, and you can make purchases there equally well or unsuccessfully. But, since all our thoughts are material, is it not better to "program" ourselves that everything and always will be in full blaze?

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