Parisian chic as a style in clothes. Style Guide

A real woman knows that fashion in her truesense - not direct and clear instructions to action, but only a source of ideas, combinations, images. The ability to separate the "grain from the chaff" and choose from the variety of the proposed clothing is exactly what will truly adorn and emphasize the beautiful in it - a feature of a girl with an already formed style.

Parisian chic
Among the fair sex throughoutthe globe of the French women succeed in this for more than one year. They feel so thin that their ability to select the necessary wardrobe has grown into a real symbol and has become a new style direction. It received a loud name "Parisian chic." This article will help you to understand the intricacies and peculiarities of creating the image of a real Frenchwoman.

Origin origins

The future vocation of France back in the mid-17th centurycentury was determined by King Louis XIV. His desire to start his own manufacturing of textiles was preceded by a decree on the complete prohibition of the importation of any foreign fabrics into the country. This served as the impetus for the creation of one of the largest production facilities, after which France became the largest European exporter of clothing and fabrics.

Coco Chanel

A new look at fashion and universal fameThe Parisian chic has found thanks to the legendary Coco Chanel. She opened her own fashion house and made a real revolution. It was Chanel who resolutely refused the tight corsets that made women suffer for a long time, created clothes without a huge amount of frills and ruches, considering it a relic of the past. Her models were truly feminine and elegant compared to the heavy, cumbersome and uncomfortable outfits of the previous era.

Efforts Coco Chanel in fashion appeared skirts andtrousers of a free cut, easy fabrics, accurate hats and short hairstyles. She first began to boldly borrow certain male wardrobe items, which eventually became an example of femininity.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior is his first collection, whichappeared almost 40 years later, filled with clothing, combining the simplicity of cut and luxury materials. Dresses fashion designer, namely dresses and costumes in the style of new look, replenished the arsenal of classics of the French style.

Modern designers of clothes create not lessbeautiful images. Introducing a piece of their own perception in the collection, they still fall into the already established traditions. Various fashion houses create those romantic, then more casual, but vivid images of Parisians.

The peculiarity of style

Fashion of Paris and France, the style of "Parisian chic" -is so peculiar that it takes time to understand it. However, to understand it is still real. This country has made a lot of efforts to become a world fashion embodiment. But often on arrival in Paris or when viewing photos, the expectations of the girls do not coincide with what they saw. Instead of women, who seem to defile on the podium, you can see a completely different picture. It does not quite fit into the usual frames for us, and therefore it causes ambiguous impressions.

This does not mean that Russian girls do notunderstand fashion trends or that the Parisian chic does not suit them. If you take a closer look at the rhythm of the life of French women, immerse yourself in culture, everything will become much clearer.

style of chic chic

This style of clothes is attractive in its own way, andbecause girls are increasingly adopting and using it in their wardrobe. It is based on three components: elegance, relevance and the ability to behave in a society. Given them in the construction of the image, the Parisian beauties may not be struck from the first second, however, captivate and captivate the look of both men and women.

Beauty without vulgarity

The Parisian chic in clothes originally presentsthe very concept of "chic." Stereotype representation of the abundance of expensive accessories, pretentiousness - all this has nothing to do with it. First of all, French women tend to show themselves as strong, independent women who are able to independently realize themselves in life. Therefore, girls and middle-aged ladies are working hard on their appearance, creating an image that emphasizes their femininity, but does not give the slightest hint of accessibility or superficiality.

They do not dress "show off" since the morning. The main thing - moderation and comfort, because nothing should distract them, as well as others from more important things.

 Parisian Chic in Clothing
French women must necessarily be in harmony withenvironment, and not stand out against its backdrop with a pretentious stain. To achieve this helps not only properly selected outfit, but also the manner to confidently behave, to make it clear that a woman is interesting as a person and an interlocutor.

In choosing clothes, it is worth paying attention to suchobjects of business style, like a pencil skirt, a light blouse, an elegant coat, a jacket. Shoes must be refined and comfortable: shoes with a low stable heel, ballet shoes, Oxford.

The fine line between refinement and pretentiousness

Parisians tend to look so that notto cause by their appearance the misunderstanding and condemnation of others, especially the most conservative part of society. Their image never challenges, it complements the girl, emphasizing her refinement.

Parisian chic with a white T-shirt and skirtsuper-short length, complemented by an expensive, but fanciful pair of shoes, - a vivid example of what is unacceptable for the French style. A girl should not look like she is in search of a man. It is worth to abandon the bright make-up and frank cut.

If you put on a bright outfit with a bigthe number of items, you will look like a dummy from a boutique showcase, but not to a resident of Paris. A saturated image is appropriate only in the evening and only at certain events.

Real Fashion Laws

Let the actresses of most serials appearbefore us in defiant outfits, even when they go to work, but in real life this style will only create a woman's reputation for a tasteless provincial.

style of Parisian chic in clothes

It is important to carefully choose clothes. Do not buy everything in stores that corresponds to the latest fashion trend, and pay attention only to what suits your type of figure and style. It is worthwhile to think in advance where exactly it is possible to put on this or that outfit, whether it will be comfortable in it. Only then will the girl be able to attract the admiring glances of passers-by.

Femininity as the defining concept of Parisian chic

It is difficult to name clear rules that should befollow the girl to be feminine, but instinctively we always sing out such beauties among the rest. It is the French women who have a special gift to choose for their images only the best, which can be dressed the beautiful half of humanity.

Style "Parisian chic" is characterized by the use ofthe following feminine attributes of clothing and footwear: silhouettes that emphasize the figure (that emphasize, not tight), skirts, beautiful and neat shoes. Finish the image will help expensive perfume and barely noticeable makeup.

fashion Paris Paris style Parisian chic

Parisian women are distinguished by a different beauty. They do not look outrageous or fashionable just because they have put on a thing that has recently become fashionable and appeared in the wardrobe of everyone. But it's enough to detain the attention of a Frenchwoman for longer than a few seconds, watch it - and you will not be able to take your eyes off.

It is not necessary to assert that the Parisians are inferiorRussian beauties. Girls in every country have their own charm, which emphasizes the mentality and culture. The French women conquered the whole world with their sense of taste, so it's worth admiring them, and not trying to be better. It is worth paying attention to what can offer such a style in clothes, like Parisian chic, just for you, and take note of the most worthy ideas.

Attention to detail

Each style of clothing is perceived thanks tocharacteristic for him details. This case is no exception. Despite the fact that in general, the women of Paris look insignificant, if you look closely at them, you can decompose a specific image into the components of the details:

  • Combinatoriality. It is worth learning how to combine different things: cheap with expensive, fashionable with classics, unusual with the usual. This skill will help create the most harmonious image without the risk of remaining too faded or, on the contrary, pretentious.
  • Focus on the neck. Today, you can rarely see a Parisian without an accessory such as a scarf or neck scarf. It can have a different texture, size, but its presence gives the image its charm.

parisian chic style guide

  • Bag and shoes. Frenchwomen firmly believe that you can never sacrifice these items or save on them. They should always be comfortable and quality. Accurate shoes on an average heel and correctly selected bag can give the image elegance and make it full.
  • A subtle sense of fashion. General guide to the style of "Parisian chic", despite on his restraint, he constantly adopts newtrends. The Parisians closely follow the appearance of fashion trends and willingly use them when creating outfits. They should never be a lot, just one detail that will attract attention, but will not allow the image to become flashy.


Dresses and skirts are an important part of the wardrobe, but notThe outer clothing deserves less attention. The main criterion by which the choice is made, except for convenience, is a good landing. The Parisian style actively uses jackets, trench coats, coats that should ideally match the figure of a woman, emphasizing her dignity. Sometimes a light three-dimensionality is permissible, but one should never abuse it. First of all, it is necessary to preserve femininity.

parisian chic pictures

The favorite trick of Parisians is to sew up things attailor. Then every detail of the wardrobe will exactly match the silhouette of the girl. Popular styles of outerwear - trench coat and blazer. They are universal and perfectly combined with almost every garment.

Trench blends well with a feminine gown, andalso with ordinary jeans. The dark blue blazer is an integral part of the Parisian style. It best fits with pants and jeans. It is important to observe the proportions - the trench should not be much shorter than the skirt, do not combine it with the dresses in the floor.

Star "Parisians"

Reviews about the Parisian chic from women of fashion all over the worldmade it one of the most famous styles. It is used even by Hollywood stars and fashion figures. Actress Audrey Tautou, model Miranda Kerr, editor Karin Rotfeld. In fashion magazines you can see a large number of photos of Parisian chic in order to draw ideas from them for creating your own image.

French women declared themselves as true women of fashion, but other girls learned to use their manner to dress, thanks to which they began to look no less beautiful.

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