Choosing a ski jumpsuit

overalls mountain-skiing for men
Today it is fashionable to be healthy. And for this purpose it is not enough to visit doctors and eat right, you also need to monitor your physical form and play sports. One of the most interesting types of active winter recreation is, undoubtedly, skiing and snowboarding. In addition to good physical fitness and healthy mountain air, this activity will give you a lot of positive emotions. Climbing high up the hill, you will see a magnificent panorama of the mountain slopes, and a quick descent is a splash of adrenaline and delight in one bottle.

But that nothing prevents you during the ride,it is necessary to foresee everything. And it's important that you feel comfortable. And this depends on clothes in many respects. It should be warm, waterproof, comfortable, reliable and, of course, beautiful.

Ski suit

It should be understood that for skiing the usualThe clothes in which you drive out of town do not fit. In this case, you just need a ski jumpsuit. When choosing your ski suit, remember that it must perform the following functions:

ski overall

  • Do not let the moisture inside;
  • be warm and protect from the wind;
  • to remove moisture from the body. This important condition will allow you not to catch a cold and not get sick. After all, no matter how hard you try, but with active actions, sweat. And it's dangerous even with light weight.

At all thus the mountain-skiing overalls should create resistance to rolling if you lose balance. Another important property: to let the moisture out, that is, not absorb.

So, how to choose the right clothes to your holiday in the mountains left only positive impressions?

The form

First you need to decide which ones areski suits. And they come in two types: either a separate jacket and trousers, or a one-piece skiing suit for men, women or children. What to choose, you decide. This is of no fundamental importance. The main thing is that the jacket and pants fit snugly to the body, preventing the snow from getting under them. With overalls in this case it is easier: nothing will get into it even with a great desire.


Choosing a ski jumpsuit, be sure topay attention to the fact that he had a hood. Even with a hat, you are still not sufficiently protected from a strong mountain wind. Locks should open and close without problems, and the main lightning must necessarily be closed with a special non-blowing valve.

winter overalls

Remember that the ski jumpsuit should be high-quality and multi-layered. The following important parameters should be indicated on it:

  • coefficient of water resistance (5000 mm),
  • coefficient of vapor permeability (7000 mm).

If the specified values ​​are greater, it is even better. In such clothes you can ride in any weather. A large number of pockets are also welcome, but this is not a prerequisite.

Remember, to make you comfortable and comfortable, you must carefully and patiently choose your ski jumpsuit.

Women's winter suit and children's are distinguished by beautiful shades and multi-colored patterns, which makes the rest even brighter and more fun.

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