Bolero and one of its varieties - denim bolero.

Bolero is a short-cut jacket,the clasp is most often absent. But sometimes on the catwalks the models show variants with different ties and clasps. He has a short or long sleeve, or it may not be at all.

With the help of the boleros, you can finish any outfit, or it's a T-shirt with simple jeans, a dress for the evening, a sarafan that reveals the shoulders.

The origin of the bolero.

Bolero is a genre of music and dance that originated inSpain is thought to be in the late 18th century. Everyone knows that the Spaniards are a proud and passionate people, their character reflects the Spanish dance bolero. Women who danced this dance wore a national costume, and there was a tight and short sleeveless shirt that did not have fasteners. After a while, this jacket began to be called the bolero, which is part of the dance of the Spaniards.

Bolero can now be found in almost anycollections of world designers. Create models of different styles, from different fabrics, with short or long sleeves, for example, sew very popular jeans nowadays bolero. Wear it with t-shirts, jeans, dresses, sarafans.

To the sundress, very fashionable in the summer, a denim bolero will suit well, and in addition a clutch with a long chain.

Bolero is an elegant cape on the shoulders. A few years ago there was a boom on them, they began to enter the shops. Women flocked to the markets and boutiques in search of new items for their clothes. It became fashionable to wear jackets with T-shirts or T-shirts, emphasizing the color scheme between the T-shirt and the cape. Now bolero decorate due to embroidery, appliques, fur. Women are very fond of this kind of clothes, because it is very beautiful, stylish and comfortable detail, complementing the image. When choosing the right model, you have to be very careful, because many styles can not approach the figure, or are able to spoil the image created. If a woman has large breasts, then bolero, short sleeveless dark colors, will only increase the visually and so large bust.

How to sew jeans boleros? Sewing a denim bolero is very easy, you need only skill, patience, desire and imagination. For sewing you need: a pattern, chalk, tracing paper, scissors, cloth. For the basis of the pattern, you can take a version of the inelastic model, with a suitable sleeve and armhole-otatom. First, on top of the pattern, we must put the tracing paper, trail the line with chalk, and make sure that the tracing paper does not move off, or the whole work will be in vain. Then cut out a pattern of tracing paper. Take the cloth and attach to it pins cut from tracing paper pieces. Then gently trim the fabric around the tracing paper. Fabric details should be applied with the wrong side to each other, bent and stitched on the sewing machine. It is also easy to tie it with a hook or knitting needles.

There is a modern and classical model andthere are differences between them. The modern bolero has long sleeves, it is buttoned or has the appearance of single sleeves, which are fastened with a small strip of tissue on the back. The classic bolero almost no sleeves, is a usual cape with buttons and locks.

There were steel and bolero sports with a hood, of course, they do not fit a beautiful dress, it is best to wear it with a t-shirt and jeans.

Where to buy jeans boleros? Nowadays this is not a problem. It can be bought in a clothing store or online store, they can immediately pick up a kit: a denim bolero with a denim skirt, a bolero with jeans or a dress, etc.

Bolero is used to find a feminine andgentle image. He can wear thin and fat women, including during pregnancy. The main thing is to choose the right model, which is suitable for you and harmoniously combine with the rest of the wardrobe.

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