What is worn with sneakers to look stylish?

Often, girls refer to such a stylish andcomfortable shoes like sneakers, with disdain - they are kept unless for a case when there is absolutely nothing to wear, or they buy only for sports events and picnics. Although the ideas of what is worn with sneakers, the stylists offer very, very much.

These shoes are in the arsenal of a modern young woman of fashion- a thing very necessary and important. Let's start with the fact that the sneakers themselves have become very different. Storefronts offer models for every taste - from classic low-heeled shoes with a white sock and laces to trendy female models on a stud or platform-wedge. Color solutions are also able to satisfy even the most capricious princess - even in rhinestones, though all the colors of the rainbow immediately. Although the most popular and stylish are the shoes from the "flagship of kedostroeniya" - the famous American company Converse All Stars.

what is worn with sneakers
So, what are they wearing with the girl's shoes? The first answer is, of course, jeans. Keds in general are the shoes that just ask for any, even the most feminine jeans and any other jeans clothes - jackets, overalls, dresses, skirts.

An interesting option for women of fashion

Do not be a bad form and sneakers with a skirt. Especially high models of this shoe, reaching sometimes to the knee. In this case, the skirt can be even strict - the trend of modern fashion leads the girls to naturalness and light negligence in the image, and sneakers, like no other element of clothing, this negligence contribute. For the same reason, it is perfectly permissible to combine sneakers with classic blouses and trousers. But the behavior of the girl in this extravagant suit should not be squeezed, but relaxed and open to communication. A separate trend, which once popularized singer Avril Lavigne, became a sneakers in combination with a tie and a white blouse - the choice of many modern women of fashion.

sneakers with skirt
But back to the question of what is worn with sneakers, exceptjeans. Any, even the most romantic dress will play with them in the ensemble with a new style, more playful and direct, if you add to the image dense bright pantyhose in tone to the sneakers or in contrast to them. But it should be remembered that sneakers can visually shorten the legs, but because these stylistic finds favorably look at the owners of slender long legs.

And what are the rest with the sneakers, not such long-legged young ladies?

Of course, shorts, trousers, light T-shirts and tops. As for winter or autumn clothes, it will also suit - sneakers and sweaters, tight leggings and elongated coats in sports style or military style perfectly complement each other. In addition, many designers have already put on the market a collection of warmed sneakers - on a fur or fleece lining, so that now there is no need to change your favorite shoes, even in winter cold.

with what to wear sneakers photo


Well, in order to understand how and whatcombine with what to wear sneakers, photos of young star-fans of this shoe will be a good help. Pay attention, practically on all photos in a usual life such "celebrities" as Kristen Stewart, Рианна and even "style icon" Nicole Kidman, choose exactly sneakers.

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