Keds on the platform - it's convenience and style

The modern dynamic rhythm of life dictatescertain conditions, finding their display in both shoes and clothes. The daily running around the streets of megacities, the need to be at once in several places simultaneously forces many of us to prefer comfort and comfort to beauty and grace. Women are increasingly dressed in sportswear that does not restrain movements, preferring it to dresses and skirts, and instead of elegant boats and sandals they wear comfortable sneakers or sneakers.

sneakers on the platform

This time the designers took care not only ofbeauty, but also about convenience, creating shoes that combine two in one. They approached the needs of most women with understanding and invented shoes, which is convenient, but at the same time allows you to stay, so to speak, at a height that in this situation is not only a figure of speech, but has its own direct meaning. The conversation is about the model of shoes, which has already caught on to many - sneakers on the platform.

how to wear sneakers

What functions do they carry in themselves and how do they differ from ordinary sports sneakers?

Sneakers on the platform have a sports frontpart, can be on lacing or traditional velcro, and the back (heel) part is equipped with a low platform or a heel of different heights. In this direct sporting sense and purpose is partially lost and is guessed only in the design of shoes. That is, sneakers on a platform or heel, in fact, are not designed for active sports. An exception can only be a low wedge. In such shoes, you can practice yoga or the fitness that has come into fashion.

How to wear sneakers on a platform?

A beautiful tandem with such shoes make upjeans of any cut. Keds on the platform give extra growth, making the legs longer and leaving the comfort of movement. Ballet lovers may object, saying that they are also comfortable and beautiful. But it's the heels that make a woman a woman: they make you keep your posture and watch your gait. It's on his heels that many of us feel much more confident. A platform is a kind of heel.

on the platform

Do not wear sneakers on the platform with classic trousers with arrows, because the sports design of shoes with them does not match. Do not wear them and strict skirts-pencil, dress-case and costumes.

But the trousers in the style of "kazhual" perfectly complementpair. Fashion designers offer different shoe colors, from which you can pick your own in tone clothes. Cocktail and evening dresses are also best left for another pair of shoes.

Girls of a young age can afford such a combination: a light dress to the knee, sneakers on a platform or a heel and a complementary style short leather jacket, you can have a scythe.

Or here is a fashionable option for the summer: a denim (you can have a tight jersey) skirt, a T-shirt and a bag over your shoulder. In cool weather, you can throw a denim vest.

As a variant of everyday shoes, platform shoescan be combined with golf, shirts and fitted jackets. Only shirts or tops should be without romantic furnish in the form of flounces, laces, sequins, sequins, etc. As this footwear still tends more towards a free or sporty style.

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