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Knitted mink - an elegant and inexpensive choice in times of crisis

Every woman wants to look beautiful always. This is an indestructible truth. But to buy a stunning expensive and trendy fur is another half of the success. The main bet is now in fashion for hats (and indeed this fashion did not go anywhere) - on originality. Achieving this is not so easy as it seems at first glance. The main thing to look at such a fashionable phenomenon as knitted mink.

Knitted fur? - No, you did not misinterpret

So, in covering this issue, I'll beton the original products of knitted fur. At first glance, the phrase "knitted fur" may seem completely absurd, in fact, it is a kind of technique - knitting on knitting needles from thin fur belts. Knitting of headdresses from mink ribbons became especially popular. I must say that the knitted mink looks very interesting and elegant.

Knitted mink hat

Knit from mink ribbons is in that case,when in the habit of the diligent mistress remained a piece of old fur - from old coats, collars, hats, etc. Throw it away - it's a pity, and it's quite easy to create a new one. If fur generally does not have a "commodity" type, you can paint it at home. Dyes for bellows, to the great happiness of needlewomen, are now sold freely.

The technique of knitting from fur belts

The technique of knitting from fur is briefly characterized by the following preparatory stages:

  • select a model from the fashion log;
  • slicing ribbons of mink fur with a width of 0.5 mm or thinner, longer - as far as the skins permit;
  • choice of spokes (see more details on the knitting technique on four spokes);
  • a choice in the tone of the fur of woolen yarn.

Next, dial two rows of loops of wool. On the third row, gradually add mink strips. Knit a cap of the classical type ("a-la helmet") with facial loops. The figure will not be visible due to the furiness of the fur. Until the very end, grab a woolen thread to form the base. When the cap is in principle ready, separately tie the lining from the remaining skein of wool. Connect the cap and cover. Fancy fur hat is ready. From a distance you will not even see that the product is connected with the remains of a mink fur.

Knitted mink cap from Lemmex

So, the maximum of expenses is the purchase of a skeinyarn, although it can also be found in your handmade basket. So, in conditions of financial crisis, you can get a mink headpiece from under your golden hands practically for free.

In this way, knitted mink hats - original and natural headdresses,which became not only the pride of some hand-woven women who were too lazy to throw out the old mink, but also the mass cap industry. Come to our online store of fur hats "" and make out the purchase of your favorite hats in 1 click, delivery all over the country!
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