How to wash mold from clothes at home

Sometimes there are situations when you need to answerthe next question: "How to wash mold from clothes?" Such a problem appears when storing things in improper conditions for this. As a result, mold stains form on the fabric. When they appear, a thing is strictly prohibited. After all, it is nothing but a fungus that is harmful to health.

how to wash mold from clothes
How to wash mold from clothes, keeping your favorite wardrobe item? It should be borne in mind that the method of removing stains directly depends on the material from which the thing is made.

How to wash mold from clothes, if itis made of cotton fabric, as well as linen or woolen? To do this, apply a laundry soap. The washing powder will do. Clothes are pre-soaked in soapy water. In water, you can also dissolve the powder. After soaking things are rewound, and then bleached with the use of hydrogen peroxide (1 tablespoon, diluted 1 liter of water). Use can also be ammonia. It is taken in the proportion of 1 tsp. on 1 tbsp. water.

mold on clothes how to get rid
There is one more method that allows to answerthe question of how to remove mold from clothes, if it is made of cotton, linen or woolen material. To do this, apply the smeared dry chalk to the spots that appeared, covering it with blotting paper. After that, in the place of the appearance of mold several times ironed with a heated iron. As a result, the stain should be removed.

If mold appeared on clothes, how to get ridfrom her in the case when the thing is made of silk fabric? To do this, you need turpentine. The stain wiped with a cotton swab in it wipes the stain. After that, the area of ​​origin of mold is covered with a very thin layer of dried clay and ironed through the blotter with a heated iron.

To solve the problem that arose on painted andcolored fabrics, ammonia can be used. Before this, in order not to spoil a thing, it should be tested on the most inconspicuous site. If the color of the fabric does not change, then ammonia can be used to remove the stain.
In the event that the mold appeared on the clothesrelatively recently, it can be removed with the help of curdled milk. Suitable for solving this problem and juice onions. One of these means you need to wipe the stain. After that, clothes should be washed and dried.

how to get mold out of clothes
How to wash mold off clothes usinglemon juice or vinegar? These products are necessary for the preliminary preparation of the fabric. Vinegar or lemon juice is applied to the stain. After a few minutes, the molds are sprinkled with salt and left to dry. After the completion of the preparatory procedures, clothes should be washed in a normal soap solution.
There are a lot of ways to eliminate mold stains. It remains to choose the most suitable one for a particular material. After the completion of the process, the restored clothing should be dried well and must be ironed with a hot iron.

In order for the problem not to appear again,should periodically ventilate the cabinet, taking things from it. Before placing on long-term storage clothes should be dried. Do not put dirty things in the closet. They can put a fungus on the clothes stored in it.

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