Keds - winter options for walking in the snow

Usually, sneakers are associated with warmDusk: summer, the beginning of autumn or the height of spring. Therefore, somehow still unusual sounds the phrase "sneakers winter". In fact, what in them can warm? However, modern models quite allow to flaunt in favorite footwear even on snowdrifts.

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Most famous brands thatspecialize in the production of sports shoes, necessarily produce a line for the cold season. Indeed, why give up the usual comfort just because snow fell outside the window!

What is the difference between winter and winter shoes? The first is the insulated lining. As such, it can be fur, both natural and synthetic (the first is still better), wool, neoprene (this is a new heat-saving material). Manufacturers do not forget about the tongue, it is also supplied with a quilting. The second is a special insole. She is also insulated. In general, high-quality models are quite capable of surviving the cold in minus 20 degrees Celsius. And that the feet are not soaked from melted snow, manufacturers impregnate the outer surface of shoes with special water-repellent compounds.

winter men's sneakers
Criterias of choice

Another important point that requires yourattention when you choose your sneakers - winter soles should have sufficient thickness and corrugation. Otherwise, you will start to freeze and slide on the ice, constantly risking earning bruises or (even worse) fractures.

It is also better to buy high models, theyProtect from falling snow inside the shoes. But whether they are on lacing, velcro or lightning - it does not matter. Here you are guided only by your own preferences.

Despite the fact that such footwear refers toUnisex category, winter men's shoes externally look more reserved. And in addition, they have design features that take into account the specific structure of the male foot. As companions for this shoe, choose the usual jeans, down jackets, jumpers, sweaters - warm and comfortable. Although modern fashion allows for a very original combination. With a certain courage, you can try on your favorite sneakers with draped shortened coats, velvet or tweed jackets.

winter sneakers on a wedge
Female models, as always - more vivid andelegant. Here in the course are a variety of drawings, colors and decorative elements (for example, incredibly popular gold and silver studs or rivets). All that has been said above fully illustrates the now fashionable winter sneakers on the wedge. Snickers (second name) won an unprecedented popularity with beautiful ladies. The fact is that these athletic shoes look pretty good with dresses and skirts. And really, skinny jeans or tight warm leggings seem to have been specially created for them. Stylists offer a lot of interesting and original ideas of the winter wardrobe. I do not really need to miss the choice.

But whatever you like sneakers, winter models still are not designed to lower temperatures below 25 or 30 degrees. Therefore, in particularly severe frosts, take care of your health.

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