What to wear with a long skirt? Advice of professionals

Today, many girls value comfort andpracticality. At the same time, everyone dreams of looking attractive and fashionable. Perhaps, that is why the maxi skirts became so popular this season. By the way, you can choose a variety of colors and shades: from bright and saturated to pastel tones. As for the styles, it can be straight, asymmetrical, draped models. Do pleated skirts and skirts with frills? Excellent, because they are also in fashion. And if everything is more or less clear with colors and styles, then with the combination of things everything is much more complicated. Therefore, much attention should be paid to what to wear with a long skirt.

About what's in fashion

First you need to choose the model that best suits you. Long skirts in 2013 will help not only create any image, but correct some of the shortcomings of the figure.

  1. If you want to appear not so high as you are, you will need a two-tone skirt divided horizontally by a line.
    What to wear with a long skirt
    Strengthen the effect with a blazer or a short bolero.
  2. If you can not boast of high growth,pick up a tight top to the maxi-skirt. Do not forget that the heel will also help you to become taller. But the large patterns and all kinds of frills will create the opposite effect.
  3. Girls with a slim figure fitpleated skirts, which are the most fashionable this season. But you need to be careful with them. After all, thick and loose tissues give the figure an extra volume.
  4. Wide-shoulders of the fair sex do not need to worry about the question of what to wear with a long skirt. They fit skirts with high cuts, which will help to balance the silhouette.
    Long skirts 2013
  5. If you want to hide your tummy, you will need a model with an overstated waist. Shoes on high heels can not be by the way suitable to such along.
  6. Want to give the silhouette more subtlety and grace, choose a dark skirt. It helps to reduce hips and buttocks.

What to wear with a long skirt?

Fashionable long skirts 2013

Today, girls increasingly prefer feminineand refined images. That is why the fashionable long skirts of 2013 are truly universal. After taking them as a basis, you can create any image, both business and romantic. And if you are thinking about the question of what to wear with a long skirt, the following rules will help you.

  1. To create a classic image, you can use a skirt, a simple blouse and a blazer.
  2. Going on vacation? Take with you a skirt maxi in combination with a tight top and summer jacket.
  3. Mods, loving experiments, are suitable combinations of biker shoes, fur jackets and skirts.
  4. In cool weather, add your image to a knitted jacket or leather jacket.
  5. Those who prefer narrow straight skirts, you can choose a tight or free top. But to the magnificent skirts fit tops in slinky.
  6. In order to emphasize a narrow waist, use a wide belt.
  7. Skirts with patterns are suitable for monophonic tops, and the tops of the same color are an excellent option for colored skirts.
  8. Girls who wish to give the image brightness, you can decorate yourself with large bracelets and rings.
  9. Finish the image will help wide-brimmed hats.
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