Men's raincoats: their features and selection criteria

man's raincoats
A man's raincoat is an integral part of the wardrobe. Most men follow their image as seriously as women. However, for many, the choice of clothing becomes quite a challenge.

Fashion trends change regularly, but it's notmeans that you need to chase all the trends. To maintain your own style, you need to have in your wardrobe those things that will ideally emphasize the image, status and style. Men's raincoats differ in their shape and material, from which they are sewn. Suede raincoats are quite popular and attract the attention of the stronger sex. Suede cloak with interesting elements of decoration - an ideal option. Cloak with a hood for men will suit those who prefer a versatile style in clothes. It can be combined with different shoes and trousers. However, those who prefer the classical style, it is worth considering and other models.

Men's cloaks of classical style will make an imagebusiness man complete and harmonious. An elegant velvet cloak will accentuate the figure of a man, giving slenderness and stagnancy. Light man's raincoats made of velor look very elegant and stylish. Tweed long cloak - a classic option for connoisseurs of practicality and quality. In such outer clothing, a man will not feel constrained, freedom in movement gives this model a special popularity.

If you choose a men's raincoat (photos of the mostvarious styles can be seen in fashion magazines and thematic resources), it is necessary to emphasize not only the model of the thing, but also take into account the material from which it is made. Because even the fabric can influence how the model will sit.

men's raincoat photo

Now raincoats are very popularmen's shortened type. This option can be either with a hood or without. If necessary, the hood can be unfastened, on most models this is provided. The version with detachable hood is quite convenient. This cloak is suitable for both business meetings and leisure. It combines elegance and practicality.

The most functional male cloak is made of leather. In any weather, he can protect his owner, will not let him get wet and keep the heat.
Leather black cloak - a universal option. This model will be combined with any clothing and suitable for any event.

cloak with hood

Standard cloak should be above the knee at 10-15centimeters. Extended models require a detailed selection for a specific figure. If there is no time to experiment, it is better to choose a classic version of the raincoat.

You can choose any color. However, the light colors look more elegant and luxurious. Coffee shades make the image of a man vivid and memorable. A bright cloak requires a certain care, because it's outerwear, and therefore it will get dirty quite quickly.

The price of a raincoat varies,from what material it is sewn, and also from the brand of this thing. A male cloak can become a worthy confirmation of the status or, on the contrary, emphasize its absence. Therefore, choosing a cloak, it is necessary to give this process enough time, because this thing will serve its owner for a long time.

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