Azure color: from rgb-palette to make-up

The azure color derives its name from the minerallazurite, which in ancient times was used to produce a dye of a blue hue. This is a stone whose crystals have a color ranging from dark blue to greenish-violet. In addition, the ancient peoples received such a color for fabrics and paints from the stone of palygorskite and plants of the indigo sphere.

azure color

Answer the question: "Azure color is what?" - hard enough. For the sake of accuracy, you can resort to computer technology and define this shade within the RGB (red-green-blue) scale. Here the azure has the coordinates 0 - 127 - 255, respectively, which means the absence of a red component in color and the predominance of blue. Indeed, in everyday life this coloristic expression is most often correlated with the shade of the sky on a clear day. In particular, you can see how the azure color was perceived by great artists, you can see the picture of I.Grabar "The February Azure".

This gorgeous shade of blue is enoughwidely distributed in nature. In particular, it is worn by American azure birds, common tit, blue-yellow macaw, painted malur, etc. In addition, this coloration has a number of crystals of lapis lazuli - a beautiful ornamental stone.

azure color is what

On our planet there are whole regions wherethe predominant color is azure. Photo of the French resort is proof of this. For example, in Nice, the blue waters of the Mediterranean, framed by a wonderful nature, reflect the endless dark blue sky.

The azure color in clothes fits practicallyany person. "Celestial" shade can be worn by men and women. He will emphasize the snow-white skin of a brunette or be a good addition to her tan. In clothes of such coloring, blondes that often have blue eyes will look great. He is not contraindicated and red-haired.

azure color photo

The basic things of any wardrobe are white blouses,black skirts and jeans - perfectly combined with blue things. The azure color of the blouse will look spectacular with a chocolate suit or a sandy-colored jacket. To a completely blue suit, a contrasting leather handbag and natural color shoes are suitable. And for the clothes of the day off, you can make a bright combination of this color with yellow or red.

A color decision for men usuallyincludes one object of a bright shade. Therefore it makes sense to buy either a shirt or a tie or moccasins that can be combined with white trousers on vacation, with a dark blue suit or with jeans. A large number of colorful spots in the everyday clothes of Russian men is not common, as it makes them look like exotic birds.

Also the azure color is not always justified in the daytimemakeup because of its juiciness. It is easy to use eyeliner in the upper eyelid, which will suit both the gray-eyed, and blue-eyed, and brown-eyed girls. Do not forget about the main rule of makeup: bright should be either the eyes or lips. Therefore, lipstick in the case of the presence of this blue shade in makeup should be neutral. This will make it look impressive, but not vulgarly.

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