How to choose a wedding underwear

Every bride in dreams wants to be herselfstunning at his wedding. Therefore, she carefully approaches the selection of a wedding dress with great care. It also happens that the toilet that I liked very much does not fit the figure, but the one to which the heart does not lie sits perfectly. Just as carefully as a dress, you need to choose a wedding lingerie. After all, it is thanks to him that the wedding dress can look on your figure impeccably. Well, the bride on her wedding night should look seductive and chic.

Wedding underwear
Even if you have never worn a combined dress, a stocking belt or a corset, then it's time to try them on. Do not forget about such an important element as the garter - it will emphasize your grace.

Let's define, what should be the underwear (wedding) for the bride:

1. Very beautiful.

2. Ideal for the dress. Dress and underwear must be chosen in the same color and style. If you have a pink dress, then the underwear should be pink, if the dress has open shoulders, then the bra should be strapless.

3. Convenient. Linen should not be small in size or, conversely, large, should not rub, stitch or otherwise distract you from the wedding ceremony. Correcting and pulling wedding underwear will hide flaws or add volume to any figure.

Underwear for wedding

4. Erotic and exciting. Your loved one should burn with passion and love.

Wedding underwear should be selected after the feather dress fitting.

Now let's dwell on the underwear in more detail:

- Panties. Wedding underwear should consist of parts that fit in its shape. The lower part should be the same model as the upper one.

- Bra or corset. A bra without garters can accidentally move out and expose your breasts, so the best solution is to choose a corset. It consists of a bra, connected with the body, the length of which reaches the middle of the thigh. Cups of the corset will lift your chest, visually increasing it in size, and the pulling shape will allow you to adjust the silhouette. The corset has pages for stockings that can be adjusted. Its distinctive detail is the lacing on the back. He will support your posture, and in it you will not be able to hump

Wedding underwear photo

- Body. It looks like a joint swimsuit from below with a fastener on hooks or buttons. If you choose a wedding dress with a high waist, then the body is ideal. It will lift your chest and emphasize its shape. If you are pregnant, the body will perfectly support the stomach.

"Bustier." This bra is strapless, which is combined with a short corset, not reaching the waist. Cups half bared chest, and from above you can wear a dress with a deep neckline.

- Pantyhose or stockings. It is better to choose stockings, because they are very erotic.

When choosing clothes, be sure to consider the features of the model of the wedding dress, its convenience and functionality.

I hope that your chosen one will be indescribabledelighted to see your wedding underwear. Photos of various models can be found on the Internet and choose for yourself the most beautiful. I wish you a successful choice, a fairy-tale wedding and mutual love for life!

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