What do the icons for washing on clothes mean: decoding

Buying any thing, everyone wants toshe served him for the maximum period of time. And it does not really matter whether it's a suit, an expensive evening dress, a daily T-shirt or top clothes. In order for the product to be suitable for wear for a long time, you need to know what the icons for washing on clothes mean. This is necessary in order to properly care for her.

What do the icons for washing on clothes mean
On the label of each thing, except for the signs for washing,the manufacturer also indicates a number of others. It's about drying, ironing and dry cleaning. And if you do not need to know the signs of dry cleaning, as this will be understood by dry cleaning workers, then it is necessary to know about what the icons mean on clothes for washing, of course, if you do not want to spoil the thing.

It is worth noting that there are a number of products in the firstqueue, having filler from the fluff, which shows an exceptionally dry cleaning. On the label, this is indicated by a crossed-out pelvis with water. If the pelvis with water on the label things are not crossed out, it indicates that it can be

Icons on clothes for washing
wash, but do not rush. First you need to look at what the laundry icons on the clothes that are drawn next to and provide more detailed information on what can be done with the product and what is not.

Pelvis with water means that clothes can be washed,However, if a hand is depicted inside it, it should be borne in mind that it can be done only manually at a temperature of no higher than 30 ° C, without rubbing and not

What do the icons on the clothes for washing mean?
to press. If a certain number with a degree sign is indicated in the pelvis with water, then this indicates that the thing is allowed to be washed at this temperature and in no case can not be at a higher one. A bowl with water inside with a certain number and a degree sign means that clothes can be washed both manually and in a typewriter. If this pattern is underlined by one line from the bottom, it means that it is necessary to strictly adhere to the temperature indicated on the icon and not to subject the product to strong mechanical influences.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to whiten the thing, andhere it is not enough to know what the icons for washing on clothes mean, but you also need to distinguish between icons that allow or prohibit bleaching. So, the triangle allows to bleach a thing, and the crossed out triangle, on the contrary, forbids it to do.

Whitening badges on clothes

You already know what the icons for washing onclothes, left to remember a number of simple rules, through which you can for a long time to preserve the original appearance of things. First, you need to sort your clothes according to color. Do not wash light products together with dark ones, since the former require more delicate care. For washing different clothes there must be a suitable powder. For example, for colored things you can not use a powder that contains whitening elements. In too hard water, you need to add a softener. Regardless of which icons on the clothes for washing are painted on its label, it is better to pre-soak the soiled things first in powdered water and only after some time to begin their basic washing.

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