Return of shoes to the store

From buying poor-quality or defective shoesno one is insured. How to return shoes to the store? As a rule, such troubles are resolved at the level of the administration of the commercial object, in which it was acquired, it is very rare in practice before the trial.

To return shoes to the store andget money for it, you need to act according to the law. The law on the protection of consumers' rights regulates the procedure for the procedure. It is necessary to know that it is the buyer's responsibility to provide evidence that the goods actually have a defect arising from the fault of the manufacturer.

Even if the shoes were sold without warrantycoupon, the buyer has the right to demand the return of the entire amount or replace it with a similar pair of shoes at the same cost. Prove that the bought footwear had a defect, it is possible with the help of expertise. It is carried out at the seller's expense, provided that the warranty period has not yet expired. Otherwise, the buyer will have to pay for the examination, and you will not be able to return the shoes.

With expert confirmation of the defect that arosenot through the fault of the buyer, the store is obliged to refund the purchase price in full. To be confident in the independence of the examination, it is better to conduct it in a special laboratory. However, one must be prepared for the fact that if the assumption of a factory marriage is not confirmed, the experts will have to pay for their services independently, and they are very expensive.

You can often return footwear withoutexpertise. If there is a clear defect, you need to apply to the seller with a statement in duplicate with a request to return the money spent. As a rule, in respectable shops there are specialists who are able to determine the presence of a defect and quickly settle the conflict. Large stores value their reputation, so it is not profitable for them to leave their customers dissatisfied, it's easier to replace substandard shoes than to bring the case to the examination and trial.

You should be aware that the return of shoes is associated withguarantee terms for it. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 19.01.98 (No. 55) established that the guarantee for footwear purchased outside the season begins with its onset. For winter - from 1 November, spring - from 1 March, summer - from 1 May, autumn - from 1 September.

Under the law on consumer protectionnon-food goods (shoes, including) of inadequate quality can be exchanged with the seller, if he did not fit the consumer in size, shape, style, size, color or bundle. You can exchange it within 14 days from the date of purchase, not counting the day of purchase. You can replace low-quality footwear if the product was not in use and retained its original appearance, its properties, factory labels and seals. That is, you can not exchange shoes that have come up only if you did not wear it.

To produce not a return of shoes, but a replacement foranother model, you need to make the appropriate recalculation, based on the amounts of the original purchase and the cost of the new pair, and pay the difference if the new pair is more expensive, or get it from the cash register of the store, if it is cheaper. When returning money for shoes, the store does not have the right to withhold part of the amount for loss of quality that could have occurred during the time it was in the buyer's possession.

You can not return shoes if it:

  • worn, has defects, formed during operation;
  • has damage (scratches, cuts, etc.), is deformed due to improper wearing or drying;
  • repaired by the buyer before the presentation of the store;
  • was acquired as discounted.

Producing a return of shoes that did not suit youby qualitative indicators, it should be provided to the seller in a pure form, without traces of fitting, with all components packed in a branded box.

When returning a shoe in which a defect was found during operation, it must also be clean and dry, with all accessories (including broken or damaged parts).

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