What is combined with a warmed female waistcoat?

There are things that are endowed with a pronouncedsign of a certain style. However, their competent combination with other clothes allows you to radically change the image. It is these wonderful qualities that distinguish a warmed female waistcoat, which can become the most indispensable thing for all occasions.


waistcoat insulated female with hood

The first vests appeared in the late 17th century. At that time, these clothes had a purely practical purpose and were used by men mainly in military uniforms.

Usual for us design of warmed waistcoats came inin everyday life only in the 20th century and immediately attracted the attention of the most numerous mods. At this time, there were first models for girls. Today, a warmed female waistcoat is an indispensable attribute of almost any wardrobe. And it's not at all surprising, because such clothes successfully combined with a variety of outfits.

Common errors when choosing

warmed waistcoats for women of large sizes

Serious attitude to the selection of a vest andthe formation of the image allows the girl to concentrate the attention of those around her on the merits of the figure. However, some ladies admit a lot of common mistakes in choosing such clothes. To avoid miscalculations, it is enough to focus on several important points:

  1. Girls with broad shoulders are elongated models of waistcoats, which make it possible to visually make the body more slender.
  2. Emphasize the lush breasts and demonstrate a thin neck allows a warmed female waistcoat with a deep V-neck.
  3. A lot of ladies should not give preference to products with lush fur or large viscous.
  4. It is better for small girls to stay on shortened versions just above the hip.

Although the waistcoat also belongs to the category of universalclothes, there are a number of rules, observance of which allows to emphasize the dignity of the physique. When choosing a style, you need to think carefully about which accents are to be placed when forming the image.

Fur Jackets

insulated waistcoat for women

Extremely popular in the current seasonUse models made from natural and artificial fur. Such a warmed female waistcoat is suitable for forming a composition with evening dresses, classical costumes.

Relevant are the vests of fox fur,rabbit, mink. However, girls often prefer a cheaper artificial fur, which with a decent quality of tailoring is also a good option.

Down Vests

Another popular solution is products withdown filler. Such products are ideally combined with jeans and clothes in a sporty style. Buying a fluffy women's vest with a hood, the girl gets an opportunity to feel comfortable in any situation, whether walking in the park or visiting a sports ground in the autumn.

Leather Vests

Models from a natural leather and a substituteare still in demand among women of all ages. If we talk about the most relevant colors, here we should highlight the shades of blue, burgundy, dark green. In general, leather products look great in combination with turtlenecks, original T-shirts, tight jumper.

Knitted waistcoats

Currently, demand among these fashionistasuse knitted and knitted patterns. Such warmed waistcoats, women's large sizes are ideal for jeans. You can wear them with warm sweaters. Therefore, knitwear is an indispensable accessory during rest or walking.

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