How to choose a wedding dress - Tips for stylists

Before the wedding, many are wondering howchoose a wedding dress. This is not difficult, based on the fact that it should emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings. If you choose the right model, you can even be in the simplest outfit to be a charming bride.

A large selection of elegant models is on the site, where you can find different wedding dresses for every taste.

Hide the shortcomings, emphasize the merits

Dresses in Empire style will suit the ownerlush breasts and large hips. Overstated waist line and loose folds of dress, falling down, will hide problem areas. It though also simple, but very elegant. You can emphasize its luxury through embroidery and ribbons. Such a dress visually pulls out the silhouette, draws attention to the beautiful shoulders and hands.

Lush dress will suit a slender bride whoHas an aspen waist and not averse to isolate it. Lush hem hides the imperfections of the legs and hips, but very much outlines the waist, chest and shoulders. In this case, they should be simply flawless. In a gorgeous dress it is very inconvenient to dance and sit in the car, therefore it also turns beauty into a minus.

The wedding dress of the fish is suitable for the ownerbeautiful shapes and flawless figure. It is very tightly wrapped around the hips, waist and belly, therefore, it forces itself to lead at the ceremony rather unnaturally. Unbelievably beautiful, it requires a bride of endurance, because such an outfit is elegant, but very uncomfortable to wear.

A straight wedding dress will suit those whom Godawarded a sports figure, where the waist and hips are equivalent. This outfit will help to raise the pros and cons and make the image charming. In addition, such a dress visually conceals a small tummy, if it is.

A short wedding dress will suit the owner of amazing legs. It will allocate the entire figure, but the legs in particular. Most often these models are chosen by young brides, they look very organic in them.

The most popular model

Wedding dresses A silhouette is suitable for almost everyone, so they are chosen by those who did not dare to allocate some special part of their figure.

In addition, the site has retro dresses, lacemodels, vintage style, closed dresses, with a train, large sizes of models and others. Each bride will be the most charming on her wedding day, if she buys a dress in an online store.

Affordable prices, a rich choice and delivery anywhere in the country, all this is done for the convenience of buyers. Models sewn by the best craftsmen will decorate any figure and make the wedding unforgettable.

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