Cloak for a girl will protect a little woman of fashion from the rain and wind

With the onset of autumn, one of the main concernsEach woman becomes the solution of the question of how to dress her household members. Rainy and windy weather, mud and slush will never leave any mother indifferent. If adults with a choice of clothes can cope on their own, then the children need help. It should be noted that choosing an autumn wardrobe becomes a difficult task even for an experienced mother, and young parents are often in complete confusion, not knowing how to make sure that their child not only does not catch cold while going to kindergarten, school or just for a walk during autumn cooling and rains, but also remained beautiful, dressed no worse than his peers ... It is especially difficult to persuade small representatives of the beautiful half of mankind to dress unaccustomed clothes - girls, despite the small age, having been They are very choosy. One of the best solutions, so that the little fashionista not only did not catch a cold, but also looked decent, and was also pleased with herself, is a raincoat for a girl, which can be bought in a store, or you can sew yourself. This garment does not go out of fashion - it is with pleasure carried by both children and adults. The raincoat for the girl perfectly protects from a rain and a wind, at the same time, remaining a stylish and fashionable accessory.

And now a little bit deeper into the story.Cloak in the understanding of all mankind is the outer clothing, the sleeves of which are made of waterproof material. Humanity has created many varieties of raincoats, each of which successfully and irreproachably fulfills the purposes for which they are intended. For example, a cloak, sewn from rubberized fabric, was called a mackintosh and like no other outerwear protects from a cold shower. If we consider the history of the creation of a raincoat, it becomes clear that initially it was a wide swinging clothes without sleeves. This meaning of the word raincoat is used today. Let us recall at least the army cloak-tents. By the way, the cloak was never meant for wearing by ordinary people. For example, in ancient Byzantium, special strips were made on the cloak, called tables, which reflected the noble origin of the owner of the raincoat.

Today in the stores a raincoat for the girl is presentedin the widest range. Here you can choose a raincoat of any color, different style and style - such a gift will suit every little woman of fashion, and her mother will be granted peace of mind - the child will never get wet and will not freeze in the autumn weather. If the choice in the shops does not satisfy you, you can sew a raincoat for the girl yourself. Patterns of raincoats without problems can be found on the Internet. This approach makes it possible to roam a wide fantasy flight - the length of the raincoat, its color and decoration, as well as the material from which the cloak will be made - everything will exactly match the needs and wishes of the mother and daughter.

Below we will look at a way to make the most simpleouter clothing - raincoat. Raincoat raincoat, if timely put it in your purse can save from the rain and wind. The manufacture of such a fashionable cloak will take only five minutes, and as a material of manufacture, the usual polyethylene is used. In order to sew a raincoat, you need to take 2 meters of polyethylene. Initially, a simple pattern is made-a rectangle 180 * 150 centimeters is drawn on the polyethylene. This rectangle needs to be cut and folded four times, after which a kimono is drawn on the pattern. Next, you need to connect two points along a round line, and then cut out the sleeves and the neck. After that, the shelf is cut in half. Side seams are stitched, and strengthened with the help of oblique bake.

To make a hood, you need to cut twosquare, the sides of which are equal to 40 cm. Two corners are cut off and the hood is sewed together by an oblique bake. To sew the hood, it must be attached to the neck. The final step is to sew fasteners from plastic. Now you can try on a raincoat!

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