Waistcoats for men

Fashion is considered the prerogative of women. Beautiful shoes, ribbons, dresses, skirts, accessories, bags - something from which any woman is delighted. Men only condescendingly smile at the sight of the glowing glance of a woman thrown at another fashionable thing.

A man is allowed to follow the fashion, if he is its legislator, that is, a designer or couturier. The same men who closely follow the fashion, the society dubbed metrosexuals.

However, any woman believes that a man shouldbe dressed expensively and with taste. Here also the paradox is shown. Of course, the sense of taste should be developed regardless of sex. This applies to art, and food, and fashion in particular.

A business suit is considered an attribute of any solid man. An important role in the formation of such an image in men is played by men's vests.

Waistcoats are again at the height of popularity. All fashion houses and leading couturiers added them to their collections, as an integral element of the men's wardrobe.

Mens vests have gone a long waybecoming, before they acquired a modern look. Initially, they had long sleeves and floors, serving basically the lower part of the everyday suit of any gentleman. After a good hundred years, the men's vests finally lost their "extra" length, gaining a modern look. However, with the loss of that very length, it lost its former functionality, becoming more of an adornment. Then they began to sew from expensive fabrics, finishing fabric with embroidery and buttons made of precious stones.

Men's waistcoat is very complicateddesign, because this subject of the wardrobe must certainly sit perfectly on the man. Otherwise, it can spoil the appearance: excessive folds, inflated silhouette, buttons that do not fasten.

Designers and couturiers were elevated to the business trendmen's suit. However, they retreated from the classics, giving the costume some modernity, which nevertheless does not deprive it of elegance. The costume has turned from formal office clothing into a modern fashionable wardrobe detail, a must have of any stylish man. Designers continue to insist that the business suit should be with a broad shoulders, a narrow waist and straight trousers. The undoubted trend is the men's suits with a vest, the so-called triplets. About a year ago, such costumes were buried in the closets of the wardrobes, but this season returned the classic men's vest as a stylish element of a business suit. It should be tailored in classic style and cover the belt of trousers. At the waist, it should be sufficiently narrow, but should not restrict freedom of movement. Undoubtedly trousers and a waistcoat should be sewn from one material.

However, outside the suit, a waistcoat is far from beinga classic element of the wardrobe. Such fashion brands as Burberry and Dsquared showed the world insulated versions of vests with fur trim and leather inserts, and Prada is sure that the vest looks quite stylish on the naked male body. This season shows an abundance of waistcoats: and blown, and knitted, and quilted, and leather of all kinds of colors. Waistcoats men's blown as well as leather vests - it's possible and not the most elegant details of the wardrobe, but in combination with things of various styles turn into a very charming element of the image.

Vest - the choice of creative, extraordinary personalities, which turn it into the central element of the image.

This is definitely functional and stylishan element of the wardrobe, will give the image a solidity in combination with a classical costume, sexuality if it is dressed in a naked body or an eccentricity in combination with an unusual finish. A man can choose the model he likes and boldly experiment with clothes, remaining manly and at the same time fashionable.

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